vision 2020 1Origin:                                          Vision of Walking 2020 (leaflet .pdf)

Vision Walk 2020 was created on the basis of completely unsatisfactory results of the pedestrian team at the EP in Poděbrady 2017. Vision Walk 2020 wants to use the long-term support of ČAS in the excellent organization of Poděbrady at the world level and transfer this extremely successful event to the pedestrian movement to coaches and future competitors.
The vision of walking 2020 is the result of a discussion among members of the walking movement, as it has gradually evolved since the meeting in Olomouc 2017. It is a draft concept of walking until 2020 for ČAS, open to all who will want to work together to implement this vision at all levels.
After consultations with successful responsible coaches and coaches in Podebrady (Germany, Poland), we believe that there are basically two paths leading to world performance - central and so-called democratic. The first path is based on a system, the second on a random selection of a relatively large number of talented individuals. However, if this natural base is not available, we can end up in the same way as neighboring Austria, where walking has practically disappeared.

Causes of the current situation:

The reasons are internal (frustrations from the development of the Poděbrady organization, intrigues against a responsible gait coach, lack of success, slander, the creation of intentional non-cooperation, etc.)
However, if the Union adopts this concept, based on a systemic path to European and world results, internal causes are not as great an obstacle as they might seem. Quite objectively, we have no other results from anyone that can withstand comparisons with the recent situation, see below, and that would create a comparable performance alternative.
Therefore, external causes and their analysis are more important to us:

There are no competitions for youth teams in all regions

Walking, as an athletic discipline, has been undersized for a long time. Personally and competitively. At approx. 180. professional and semi-professional coaches within athletics has the walk of 1 professional coach within the kindergarten department. One person cannot ensure continuity and continuity (from talent selection to representatives) from pupils to adults.

Despite this condition and the only professional walking trainer, we have achieved the following results until recently:

Results up to 16th place and participation of OH, MS, ME, MS23, ME23, MS19, ME19, SP, SP19, EP, EP19 since 2000

(including cross-country national running results)

Olympic Games - 10th place Drahotová A. (2016), 16th place Holuša (2000) other participations: 2004 Holuša, Dibelková, Malysa, 2008 Schindlerová, 2016 Gdula

World Cup - 5th place Dibelková (2005), 7th place Drahotová A. (2013), 8th place Drahotová A. (2015), 9th Malysa (2003), 16th place Holuša (2001) other participation Holuša 3x, Dibelková 2x, Schindler 2x, Gdula,

EC - 3rd place Drahotová A. (2014) other participations: Schindlerová 2x, Gdula,

ME23 - 2nd place Schindlerová (2009), 2nd place Drahotová A. (2015), 3rd place Dibelková (2005), 6th place Dibelková (2003), 6th place Schindlerová (2007), 7th place Gdula (2013), 9th place Pelantová (2007), 11th place Drahotová (5.000m 2015)  

MS19 - 1st place Drahotová A. (2014), 6th place Drahotová A. (2012), 8th place Dibelková (2002), 12th place Chaloupka (2004), 12th place Drahotová E. (2012) other participation: Drahotová (1.500m), Gdula, Pařízek

ME19 - 1st place Drahotová A. (2013), 3rd place Drahotová E. (2013), 4th place Drahotová E. (2011), 5th place Pařízek 2001, 9th place Drahotová A. (2013 3.000m / l.) Other participations: Dibelková, Drahotová E., Korvasová

MS19 run uphill - 4th place Korvasová / 1st place team / (2015), 7th place Drahotová A., 11th place Drahotová E., / 3rd place team Drah. A., Drah. E., Půčková /

ME19 run uphill - 4th place Korvasová / 2nd place team / (2015)

MS run. teams - participation Motl, Maternová, Drahotová A, Gdula (2016)

SP walking - 12th place Holuša (2004), 12th place Malysa (2002), 16th place Schindlerová (2008), other participations Dibelková 2x, Holuša 3x, Schindlerová, Malysa 2x, Chaloupka, Pařízek, Vitova,

SP19 walk - 3rd place Drahotová A. (2014), / 7th place team /, other participation Drahotová E., Chaloupka, Pařízek

EP walk - 4th place Drahotová A. (2015)., 8th place Holuša (2003)., Other participation Drahotová E., Škrášková, Chaloupka,

EP19 walk - 2nd place Drahotová A., 7th place Drahotová E./2rd place team / 2013, 7th place Drahotová A., 11th place Drahotová E., / 3rd place team /, 8th place Chaloupka ( 2003), 11th place Pařízek (2001)    

other participants: Korvasová, Gdula L., Gdula T.,

¨Source: Ivo Piták and the results of the mentioned races.

Comment: We believe that in terms of efficiency per person, this is an above-average result fully comparable with other disciplines.

The credit of walking is nevertheless minimal among athletic coaches, and even the beginning of coaches is given the impression from the beginning of their work that walking does not belong to the athletic disciplines or that at least it is not a full-fledged discipline.

There are no competitions - inclusion in team competitions, especially for young people at the KAS level. As a result, walking gets completely out of the sphere of interest of athletic teams and youth groups.

The result is a small base and interest of young people. If the numbers can be increased, especially in the student categories, as in recent years, then they will still encounter the lack of interest of the divisions, because walking is not included in the competitions of youth teams. It follows that the peak is only about individuals, and when, for example, health problems occur at a narrow peak, there is no substitute.


Current state of youth competitions:

The number of participants in the category of pupils is increasing, despite the fact that the competition is included in the only Liberec region. The number of starters is reduced only for points. In 2016, there were already 79/39 pupils with pupils. Number of starters at the M-ČR in the Prague Stromovka hall.

ČAS supports high-level walking at the Poděbrady walking meeting, which is one of the most high-quality races in the world; in 2017, there was a completely successful EP in walking in terms of organization. We cannot use this potential, which also attracts young people in public competitions, because these children do not have adequate competition in the sections and cannot be an adequate support for the team. Despite the increasing number of female competitors, they have nowhere to compete and support the team adequately and to create a natural awareness that all disciplines are part of the competition. 

Competitions of youth teams in the regions 2016

The competition is in the only Liberec region (LKAS) for many years (information can be provided by Mr. František Párys). Older and younger pupils race on a 2 m walk on the track, the numbers are up to 000 starters, the laps are 10-3. Pupils and adolescents therefore take part in walking competitions in the regional adult championship, which has 4-5 laps, for the women's category 6 m on the track and for the men's category alternately 3 and 000 m. In 3, 000 pupils regularly started in KP, 5 teenagers, 000 junior and 2016 teenagers. TJ LIAZ Jablonec nad Nisou, AC Slovan Liberec, AC Rumburk, TJ Rumburk, AC SYNER Turnov, TJ Jiskra Nový Bor, AC Mladá Boleslav have various walking, youth and coaching youth in the region. The number of young pedestrians in the LKAS catchment area is 5, the most of all regions; this proves the undoubted usefulness of the competition (the second Moravian-Silesian region has 3 without the competition, but benefits from the tradition of working with youth in Frýdek-Místek, Havířov and Opava and the work of coaches in Vítkovice and Poruba).  

Youth training groups and coaching staff 2016

Slezan Frýdek-Místek Josef Nejezchleba, Athletics Jižní Město (Prague) Petr Brandejský, LIAZ Jablonec Dana Jandová, Jaroslav Černý, Jiskra Nový Bor Petr Choděra, AC Slovan Liberec František Párys, AC Rumburk Jan Rein, AC TEPO Kladno pí Větrovcová + Jiří Šorm, Opava + Hodonín + VŠTJ Technika Brno Jiří Malysa senior, SSK Vítkovice Mrs. Legerská, Athletics Poruba Karel Ketner, Slavia Havířov Jan Polášek, Lokomotiva Beroun Mrs. Šafránková, Orel Vyškov Mrs. Málková, AC Mladá Boleslav Jaroslav Prückner. There has been a group of 4 girls in Athletics Chrudim since September, Ondřej Čerepušťák has started working in AC Sparta Prague, and Miroslav Fliegl at PSK Olymp Prague.

There is a lack of coordination, demonstrations of walking at youth camps, an active approach by a youth coach who will not hinder children in other disciplines, but will naturally lead them to what they have a talent for and where they can assert themselves at European level in endurance disciplines.


System design of the solution:

  1. Include competitions of youth teams in the regions of 2018
  2. A job for a walking youth coach at the TIME level
  3. Create a Walking Council for a responsible walking coach and for ČAS as a consulting group

 Ad 1. We ask ČAS for system assistance, we have a youth base, we do not have competition and we do not have adequate performance.

Statistics and results show a strong positive correlation between the possibility to start in a team competition and the number of competitors, as well as the already traditional H-MČR and the increasing number of entries each year (see appendices) ´- We also do not oppose the non-traditional format for team competitions to make walking more attractive:

For example, mixed relays with an agreed track length on the track for:

  • younger pupils
  • youth
  • juniors and juniors      (It is also possible to combine with running as a persevering duel for greater cohesion of young perseverers in the section).

 Ad 2. Job schedule for a youth walking coach at the TIME level:

Responsible youth walking coach:

Qualification requirements:

Class I or II coach, practice, ideally from your own racing, knowledge of the athletic environment.

Required skills:

Communication with young people, creative visions, convincing others about them, estimation of a suitable somatotype, time flexibility, ability to improvise, argumentative readiness, patience, social skills, English speaks well, ability to take responsibility for one's decision.

Tasks for a responsible youth walking coach

  1. a) to build a wider base of youth walking in the Czech Republic
  2. b) increase its performance
  3. c) close cooperation with the national team coach

 It follows concrete job description:

  1. He actively participates in the inclusion of walking in athletic competitions of youth teams. Personal intervention and conducting negotiations at KAS in all regions in order to convince the management of KAS. At the same time, it will help especially in the beginning with agitation and selection of suitable types of ml. athletes from the divisions who will be present at the competitions.
  2. Incorporate walking training into existing training units. He will methodically assist in visits to training units in sections. He will show and teach how naturally walking can be included without breaking the pedestrians from the team and disrupting the training program of the youth group.
  3. Weekend training events for the development of technique and performance. For young athletes who "catch" on foot will organize short weekend training sessions in cooperation with individuals of the adult national team. During the holidays and long-lasting events.
  4. Demonstrations and joint tests of walking equipment at youth selections. Participation in meetings, especially cross-country youth selections. Educational work among runners and coaches. To be able to motivate functionally and mentally capable individuals without an "ankle", who on a European scale cannot apply to the top level of running, that walking is their chance to break into the international top. Do not pull these units away from existing coaches, but on the contrary create a pair cooperating with the coaches of such competitors, where the walking coach will cooperate with the selected individuals.
  5. Demonstrations and joint tests of walking technique at meetings of youth selections of other endurance sports. Try to do the same agitation and educational work in other endurance sports - cross-country skiing, biathlon, cycling.
  6. It will create a cooperative atmosphere and will systematically work on the cultivation of the walking environment within the framework of voluntary walking coaches.
  7. It will generally acquire athletically fit individuals for walking, in whom the chances of performance growth will be comparable to those of pedestrian-developed countries. It will create test batteries of general and special prerequisites for a given discipline.
  8. Working with selected running (and other endurance and non-endurance) trainers to understand and accept the fact that walking is a "cheap" discipline in which even a European can be completely competitive on a European and global scale. That there is also a real possibility of winning medals in competitions such as OH, MS. Convincing these coaches to walk is a long-term and challenging task, not just a recruitment task.
  9. Coordination of the walking term / is specific / with the team competition.   

Re 3.  Establish a Walking Council for a responsible walking coach and for ČAS as a consulting group

- CHR is the board of the responsible gait coach and comments on professional and organizational issues related to the preparation of competitors, competitions and issues related to walking and addressed in the relevant bodies of ČAS.

- It is not a registered association organizing competitions. It is appointed in the number of min. 3 max. 7 members by responsible walking coach or TIME authorities.

- It meets as an absolute majority once a year in traditional walking competitions and this meeting is open and accessible to all active people from the walking movement.


Restarting and rescuing "performance" walking in the Czech Republic would not be a year's job. Of course, the first performance and organizational steps could be evaluated in a year. Someone must be responsible for these steps and must be motivated to do so. First of all, he has to start touring cross-country races and other endurance-speed sports races, and then also youth cross-country training events and to find, convince and motivate usable runners and possibly their coaches to walk. He must be able to explain and show the technique and concentrate pedestrians around himself. They must select usable people from the current walking youth and convince them of purposeful, clearly focused walking training.

The youth coach must gradually start organizing special training camps for these people and, in cooperation with the adult coach, start running these people. Arrange and allow them to start in walking races that have some level. Teaching them to race in running and other disciplines as well - walking in the Czech Republic (with the exception of, for example, Poděbrady) is a loss of contact with the sports reality. Walking must incorporate walking into the team race system so that divisions are pushed by pedestrians to have. The combination of competition and coach can lead to the goal.

We see no other way than to include walking in youth competitions, where we ask for systemic help from TIME.

Goals for 2 years:

Hassle-free and successful management of MU by competitive pedestrians. At least 3-5 pedestrians (pupils, pupils, teenagers, adolescents, juniors, juniors) in each category can reach the decent level of SCM limits. Reach the selected individuals to a successful representation at MEJ, MSJ and subsequently at ME23. In the area of ​​performance and recreational sports racing walking, there must be an increase in the number of youth participants. Increase the number of athletics coaches who will walk in practice.

Goals for 4 years:

In accordance with the Vision of Walking 2020, there should also be new competitive representatives in adult categories. In the youth categories, achieve regular fulfillment of nomination criteria for European and world competitions, including MEJ and MSJ. Individuals must be able to attack the top ten of the overall standings. When moving from youth categories to adult categories, reduce the loss of successful youth. Stabilize the coaching background and the number of athletic coaches dedicated to walking, as a sport.

Relationship between walking and running:

Although these are naturally complementary disciplines in their persevering form, there are many misunderstandings and paradoxes:

Walking as an athletic discipline has long fallen out of the youth work system. Almost all of its more successful youth and adult representatives went through a completely non-standard process. However, it is not possible to continue in this non-system way within the system changes and set limits. Precisely because the youth coaches of the system set aside only children and young people who are completely unusable for another discipline, people who are "athletically useless" get to walk in the system. At the same time, the measure of applicability is often success at the regional, at most Czech level.

Because not a single departmental coach (Ivo Piták) could select "usable" pedestrians from the youth system, he decided on a non-standard selection policy. He began to select physically and morally suitable types for top walking in running disciplines or other endurance sports purely subjectively, and after testing these athletes he "dragged" them for walking. The efficiency of this selection was very high towards representation and classification into departments, roughly 1: 3-4. This is how Dibelková "exported" Holpuchová's money, Schindlerová Dibelková's options, Drahot's Schindler's sisters, etc. Only Chaloupka and Pařízek came finished from Jiří Šorm's workshop. (It must be stated that this non-standard system brought quite decent results and from the point of view of the number of athletes (pedestrians) passed through this system it was also extremely effective - see the results of pedestrians from 2000 onwards.

It is an end to the outdated approach that a pedestrian is one who cannot run properly and a runner cannot learn to walk. On the part of pedestrians, this talent versatility is demonstrable (see the overview in the appendix): Drahotovy A and E., Půčková, Schindlerová, Dibelková. Triathletes and cyclists represented at the walking cups - Vítová, Škrášková, Šimánková (she combined Dibelková until she was a junior). For runners and their coaches, the opposite approach is still beyond their thinking.

Unfortunately, it is still easier in coaches' thinking to make a result on "hills" than in walking. For them, there are more and more hills than walking.

The current unfavorable phenomenon of world as well as European athletics, especially in running (especially in endurance running), is the dominance of runners of African descent. Thanks to their number, it is incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to compete with them at the top world level. This is, of course, a fact in our country as well. The association's interest, if it is interested in the final placements at the Olympics and World Championships, should be to show the perspective to our runners as much as possible in walking, because walking is a discipline where the world can really compete. And a diligent and hard-working runner can be competitive, who is average from the point of view of Europe, a decent runner in the Czech Republic, and at the same time he could be excellent in walking even in the world. However, with the current system and the relationship of running coaches to walking, they will never try to walk.

In terms of economic efficiency of funds spent in top training, this system, which allows a good runner at the level of the Czech Republic to educate European or world pedestrians very effectively measured by final participation in the European Championships, World Championships and Olympics.

Requirements for organizational support:

External from ČAS: We would like to ask ČAS (presidency) - to use its tools in the management of athletics towards KAS, so that competitions of individuals and youth teams must include all disciplines, including walking. If walking (especially for young people) finds itself outside the common bikes, most sections on pedestrians are not interested. And it will be a non-systemic and random search for individuals.

We would like to ask ČAS to hire a responsible walking coach (with the above-mentioned scope of work), who would, as another task, help in practice to implement the adoption of this decision by sections and especially youth coaches. It is a key task if we want walking to become a truly full-fledged athletic discipline, completely fitting into the time system of ČAS. The engagement of this employee and the official entrustment of tasks by the management of TIME is a necessary precondition for this person to have the authority, authority and opportunity to be "heard" in the athletics management system.

Internal from the side of the walking movement - Support group PITCH OF WALKING. If this Vision of Walking 2020 is adopted by TIME, PITCH WALKING will help with the organization and share in the financing of this concept, depending on how the whole system fits. The aim is that even solid youth runners have the motivation and interest to learn to walk and start in it. In order to stop the effort to recruit anyone even useless for performance sports, but to gradually get to the targeted selection. In the first phase, we need to create training opportunities that will be motivating and interesting for competitors. So that the interest in participating in this project (this preparation) comes from the competitors. A national team coach would take part in the organization and selection, together with a responsible federal coach for walking.


Personnel security requirements:

Proposed personnel structure:

1 part-time National Walking Coach - employee of VSC MŠMTČR. 1 part-time Responsible coach for walking, especially young people in a professional (or at least semi-professional) regime within the TIME.

Grounds for the proposal: This TIME commitment will have two effects - for coaches and for competitors:

For trainers: More effective use of the existing personnel structure: Establish close cooperation with running coaches (including those responsible federal) and convince them of the mutual benefits of cooperation and the possibility of combined preparation for walking x running (at least until a certain age).

Motivation of existing walking coaches to cooperate and submit to the system. In the first phase, put pressure on them just by "quick" re-education and training of pedestrians, from "usable" runners.

For competitors: Support group PITCH WALKING. The "PITCH OF WALKING" conditions will be provided in full co-operation with the central preparation along the TIME line, no one will be able to enforce them outside the central preparation.


In Prague, June 12, 6

Miloslav Lapka, Ivo Pitak, Josef Smola