Sport walking as one of the disciplines of athletics is part of the Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships on the 20 km and 50 km men's and women's tracks.
Furthermore, as a separate discipline, the European and World Cup of individuals and national teams for pre-qualified competitors is organized in walking.
In 2017, the European Walking Cup was held in the traditional stronghold of Czech walking in Poděbrady with an excellent organizational and marketing result.

Europe - Challenge:

The international Europa - Challenge of individuals for all ages, consisting of selected races in Europe, is also held every year. In the Czech Republic, the following races are selected for this company every year: Olomoucká dvacítka, Poděbrady walking and Pražská hodinovka.
Selected races and performances are scored and the ranking of the best pedestrians is then compiled from the total points:
The results of Europa - Challenge 2017 can be found at: - Europa Challenge 2017 Results (.pdf)

Walking competitions in the Czech Republic:

The most important walking races in the Czech Republic are the international walking races in Poděbrady - Poděbrady Walking, then Olomoucká dvacítka and Pražská hodinovka.
In the Czech Republic, the Czech Championships for 20 km in men's and women's walking in Poděbrady and M-CR for 50km walk.
For veteran categories, the Czech Championships in walking on the road 10 km, in walking on the outdoor track 5 km and in the hall 3 km are held annually.

In the Czech Republic, walking is part of the athletic extra league of teams, I. and II. team leagues and regional team championships.
In all youth and junior categories, the Czech Republic Championships are organized in the Czech Republic on tracks from 3 km to 10 km according to individual age categories.