At the Arena Sportiva de Tesserete (TI), the Championships between 10'000 m men and 5'000 m women are two of the two medal athletes who will meet the conditions of the time limits, indicated by the organizer Daniele Albisetti of the SAL marcia.

Nathan Bonzon (CM Monthey) at 51:10 in the title Champion Swiss with 300m adventure on the Czech Republic Josef Smola and two adventure tours on his coach Olivier Bianchi (CM Monthey agent medal), just here of the limit of 1 hour, in 59:46. Cédric Bouele (Delémont Athlétisme) is a fifth class and third Swiss in 1h09, but has a limit on medals.

20180623 tesserete sl 635px

The podium in Tesserete [Stefano La Sorda]

Women from 5 meters, competing on the day of the Italian Madeleine Svae (ASD Polisportiva Olona) at 000:28, Helen Baptiste (CM Yverdon) and Birtukan Bouele (Delémont Athlétisme). 

A design marks the same. The 2nd day, on the coast, of this "Due days of the Capriaschese marriage" has been annulled by the insignia of the participants.

Complete search results on our site, all of the championships in Versoix the previous week.

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