Here is an easy 2 interesting Dinge! Josef Smolathe former Masters and Chef of “Smola Chuze” started in the Czech LIGA this year for AC Rumburk! Correctly located. Also standing? In the Czech Republic there is a “rich league league competition” 1. - 3. Liga. That of the strongest athletes is also "built" in the area. Soll hot, against incidental damage, etc. started man in the league for the or the association…! Sachen gibts! Also in the evening! And two: Der 17.6. was only the contract for a DREIERSERIE of starter possibilities of Geher in Rumburk, close to the German border! Bereits am 23.6. there is the highest point for masters with the masters of the Masters! Ehe am 30.6. then the day in the last year of the word a long day Walking in the stadium in Rumburk presented! Three starts are possible! Heart was you more?