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The Prague XNUMX plant was canceled for technical reasons, a substitute race in Poděbrady was not approved by ČAS and at the same time the M-ČR was canceled for the year 2018 on a 50 km walk.

However, in the future we will organize this race. We will inform you about the further course and organization of the 50km race in the Czech Republic.

Below is essential information about the current state and readiness of the event. At the beginning, a short development, why we started to solve the M-CR for 50 km!

A / It was decided to withdraw from the organization of the M-CR for 50km in Dudince, mainly on the basis of the recommendation of TD

for the TIME of Mr. Petr Kratochvíl.

B / We solved an alternative date, track and implementation of a completely new plant!

C / During the solution of several variants, there was a deliberate misinterpretation of the state of preparations by the delegate for STK Mr. Kratochvíl.

D / We are still trying to constructively solve the situation, with the organizers apologizing for poor communication directly

with the union and no longer intend to deal with "our" delegate in the MOT, which has often proved counterproductive.

Current state and readiness of the race for 50km walk of men and women.

1 / We have secured financing.

2 / We addressed the competitors - pedestrians from the Czech Republic. Especially Anežka Drahotová and Lukáš Gdula + 7 men and 3 women!

Coach Piták's interest in convincing Anežka Drahotová to start at the World Championships and the 50km Olympic Games, where, according to him, he has

greater chance of medal success than on the 20km track. Anežka is still very skeptical about the new track, but on

in the autumn they agreed with the coach to try some 50s. If Podebrady doesn't come out, they will look

abroad, which would be a shame. The coach and the competitors exclude the possibility of starting in Přerov - according to the coach

it is necessary that the first attempt on this track turns out well. It would be a shame not to give our only international

competitive pedestrians the opportunity to start in ideal domestic conditions - secured driver, etc.

3 / We have provided services - moderation, measurement.

4 / We have an organization and a referee ready.

5 / We have an advertising campaign before launch.

6 / We have bought the website 50ka.cz.

7 / We have contracted participants from abroad.

Poland - Croatia - Austria - Germany + individual starts, waiting for our confirmation.

The race is ready for about 50-80 pedestrians and 50km walkers.

8 / In the autumn term, there is no 50km walk race in Europe and it is great

opportunity to meet the limits - a very good deadline.

9 / For us pedestrians, Poděbrady really lies at the "heart" and on April 7, 4, we did it again

they proved. Podebrady and the circuit on the colonnade are not appreciated - it's such a pedestrian

"Monza", an amazing contact of competitors with spectators, circuit adapted

to the races - 1000 meters! Very fast track, excellent surface ... The team of organizers is similar to MU.

10 / If it is really possible to hold only one race in Poděbrady, there is another place in the Czech Republic,

where can we organize this race? Olomouc? We need to have a walking tradition and background.

It is in the interests of the Czech walk to organize a dignified M-CR for 50 km, with a dignified number of participants from abroad.

Technical problems with the reconstruction of public lighting in the period September - October 2018

in Stromovka it is further enhanced by "nature reserves".

Prerov does not give these options, especially after the work of Delegate STK in Olomouc, where he addressed veterans,

whether they run 50km. This is a complete misunderstanding of what the M-CR should look like and testifies to the fact that it no longer understands the interests of Czech walking.


7.00 am - presentations, chips

9.00 am start - 50 and 30 km walk / men, women and veterans /

10.00 hours start - 10 and 20km walk / veterans, youth /

15.00 - start of announcing the results

18.00 - end of the race

We do our best to hold the race, we definitely want to hold the race in the future.


in Prague on April 8, 2018 Miloslav Lapka, Ivo Piták, Jan Rein, Josef Smola


Hello, I am forwarding my comment on a topic from the Fb group:
Hello hello
it doesn't occur to me that it's all about the number of Czechs at the start. Even if there are 20 of us, but we go somewhere up and down by ourselves, the race will have no quality and it will be canceled again in a few years. That is why I think it would be more appropriate to create a real international meeting, such as spring Poděbrady, where there may not be an enormous number of competitors at the start of the Czech Championships, but it is a very high quality and fast race where pedestrians from all over the world come every year. The Slovaks in Dudince have the same situation with their XNUMXs, but if I am correct, then there were no suitable conditions for the Czechs and that is why we left ..? So I don't know if coming back would solve anything, he moved us on.
A link to the site was recently added here Smola chůze, where the vision of the fiftieth meeting in the autumn term is relatively extensively developed, with the possibility of international participation and meeting the limits, and the whole thing sounds very feasible, even with financial security.
I understand that many of you may have reservations about Mr Smol, Mr Lapek and Mr Piták, we are all just people and no one is perfect, but this is not about us and people. This is about maintaining the discipline that we all undoubtedly do because we love it and it fills us in a way - just like these gentlemen. We all want a "Czech XNUMX" and this group has already made significant steps towards it, so wouldn't it be best to support it, find a suitable place, present this planned race to the Association for the Czech Championships, include it in international deadlines, address competitors from all over the world?
I've only been in the walking community for a while and I haven't tried my fifties yet, but I wouldn't want to lose the opportunity to start at all. And only because we can't agree between ourselves and the Union.