Lucie Nekulova

Lucie Nekulova

Born 1978

I took my first walking steps in the nineties of the last century and the first start in the MČR žactva in 1993 in the hall meant winning the title. In the summer, the title was not awarded to me due to lack of registration, but the annoyance of this situation meant that I signed up to walk.

A whole series of championship medals in different age categories, representative starts came. In 2000, we were the last Czech champion in the 10 km (49:33) on the then demanding Poděbrady track, then the 2000-somethings started going around in the Czech lands as well. In 1, I also became the first Czech woman with a sub 40:00:20 time for XNUMX km, which allowed me to start at the EP in a team with Czech walking legend Dana Vavřačová.

Then work duties came, but I followed the Czech walk with interest. After returning to the Czech Republic, I joined Jan Rein's team in 2021, when this unbeatable and unfortunately underappreciated organizer accepted me into the party for the "Poděbrady team". At the turn of 2022/2023, I wrote the first article for Smola chůze after it became clear that Dr. Brandejský would most likely not write any more articles about Czech races. Like Jan Rein before him, walking lover Josef Smola accepted the helping hand without reservation.

I became a member of AC Rumburk and it is an honor to cooperate with those walking fools in the organization of the race in Zittau. I also appreciate the fact that I was able to contribute to Pep's Prague Clock in the last two years, and I look forward to the next years. I then go out for sports in a jersey with pride"Smola chůze".

I like those who play fair.

Elisabet Gómez Palmarola

Elisabet Gómez Palmarola

Born on 31.3.2000 in Barcelona.

She moved to Prague to study medicine at the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University. After completing her studies, she would like to join the world of sports as a doctor.
She played padel in her youth where she competed at the national level.
She is now a runner and preparing for a half marathon.

Josef Smola

Josef Smola

Born 17.7. 1964 in Prague,

active competitor, sponsor, race organizer Pražská chodecká hodinovka, founder of the association SMOLA CHŮZE zs

The goal is medals at the Veteran World and European Championships, breaking personal records and thus yourself and sports philosophy is given: "It's not important to win, but to behave well."

He started walking at the age of fifteen in AC Prague (1979-1988) with the legendary coach Josef Průcha, then moved to Red Star Prague (today's Olymp Prague), where he worked in 1988-1995 at the Center for Top Sports as a sports instructor and achieved the following results :
Champion of the Czech Republic: 1988 and 1989 in walking at 50km, 1990 in walking at 20km.
Champion of Switzerland: 1990 in walking on 100km 9: 40.16h
Represented in 3 international matches
He ended his career as a top athlete in 1995 at the Walking World Cup in Beijing, China, on a 50km walk.

In the years 1996 - 2009 he only sporadically engaged in walking and only occasionally took part in walking races with essentially no training. This corresponds to the weight achieved at that time, well over 100 kg ………
In 2009, however, he meets the very active and successful veteran pedestrian Czech-American Zdenek Gonsiorovský (born 1941), who reawakens his appetite and will for a hard and systematic walking training.
Only such training based on the limit of self-sacrifice and great will can bring great results and performances, and these really come naturally, but only after almost nine years of this hard and unreal hard work.

Since 2010, he has been taking part in the first big veteran races, namely the 20km walk of the European Championships in Nyiregyhaz, Hungary, followed every year by the veteran World or European Championships, and sometimes there is a bonus in the form of a medal!

Absolute personal walking records:
20 km 1:29:42 h (1990 Olomouc)
50km 3:59:44 (1990 Bekecsaba)
5km 20:27 min (1989 Strahov Hall)
100km 9:40:17 (1990 Rivera near Lugano, Czech record, Swiss Champion)

CR walking records MASTERS M50:
30km 2:49:32 (ME Alicante 19.5.2018)

MASTERS personal bests in walking:
3km 13:56,50 min (MČR Jablonec 25.2.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX)
5km 23:51,88 min (ME Aarhus 31.7.2017)
10km 49:39 min (Chiasso 1.10.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX)
20km 1:41:30 (MČR Podebrady 8.4.2017 April XNUMX)
30km 2:43:29 (ME Thionville 15.5.2011)
1 hour 11.925 m (Prague Pedestrian Clock 21.10.2017)

MEDALS from ME and MS MASTERS 2010 - 2023
30km 3:03:42, ME Grosseto 17.5.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX
30km 2:53:54, ME Úpice 26.5.2013/XNUMX/XNUMX
3km 14:35 min, ME Ancona-hall 31.3.2016
30km 2:49:32, ME Alicante 19.5.2018 (CZ record)
30km 3:02:06, ME Grosseto 16.5.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX 

Placement at ME and MS MASTERS 2010 - 2023:
5th place 20km 1:54:16, ME Nyiregyhaza 18.7.2010
4th place 30km 2:43:29, ME Thionville 15.5.2011/XNUMX/XNUMX
6th place 20km 1:52.51 h, ME Hrádek n..Nisou 22.8.2012
BRONZE 30km 2:53:54, ME Úpice 26.5.2013/XNUMX/XNUMX
7th place 3km 14:26 min, MS Budapest-hall, 26.3.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX
8th place 10km 52:39 min, WC Budapest, 29.3.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX
4th place 5km 24:51 min, ME Toruń, 28.3.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX
WEDNESDAY 30km 3:03:42, ME Grosseto 17.5.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX
7th place 20km 1:52:44, MS Lyon 14.8.2015
BRONZE 3km 14:35 min, ME Ancona-hall, 31.3.2016
4th place 30km 3:02:14, ME Algarve, 21.5.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX
5th place 10km 51:54 min, MS Perth, 31.10.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX
4th place 20km 1:50:55, MS Perth, 4.11.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX
5th place 5km 23:51 min, ME Aarhus 31.7.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX
4th place 3km 14:19 min, ME Madrid-hall 21.3.2018
5th place 5km 24:44 min, ME Madrid 23.3.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX
BRONZE 30km 2:49:32, ME Alicante 19.5.2018 (CR record, M50)
8th place 5km 25:20min, MS Malaga, 6.9.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX
11th place 10km 54:16 min, MS Malaga, 10.9.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX
8th place 20km 1:52:36, MS Malaga 14.9.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX
5th place 3km 14:26min, MS Toruń-hall 25.3.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX
6th place 10km 51:45min, MS Toruń, 29.3.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX
4th place 5km 25:02min, ME Venezia, 6.9.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX
6th place 10km 48:21min, ME Venezia, 11.9.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX (shorter course)
5th place 20km 1:56:04h, ME Venezia, 14.9.2019 (longer track)
BRONZE 30km 3:02:06, ME Grosseto 16.5.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX
6th place 10km 54:50min, WC Tampere, 3.7.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX
4th place 20km 1:53:04, WC Tampere, 6.7.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX
9th place 3km 15:46min, MS Toruń-hall, 27.3.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX
7th place 10km 56:10min, MS Toruń, 31.3.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX

Horst Kiepert

Horst Kiepert

Born 01.10.1051 in Potsdam, Germany

1961 member of ASK "Vorwärts Potsdam"
First coach Wilhelm Kustak
1966 first pedestrian race (July 03.07, 1966)
1968 coach Hans-Joachim Pathus
1969 DDR-Record 20 km walk (category U 17), performance: 1:38:10h
In the following years, he participated in many domestic and international walking races in youth and adult categories. He trained in Hildburghausen and Erfurt.
Among other things, he was the coach of Ronald Weigel (medalist from the Olympic and World Championships and today's coach of the national German walking team) as a student and Ronald Papst (personal record 20 km 1:29h).
1990 he became the German Champion in road walking for 50 km in a team together with Robert Ihly and Detlef Heitmann (LFV Schutterwald team)
1991 100 km in road walking in 11:15 hours, after 12 hours he completed 106 km in Munich.
This was followed by successes in international world and European championships, MASTERS category (veterans), e.g.:
2018 EC 30 km in Alicante bronze medal
2022 ME 30km in Grosseto silver medal
And numerous medals from the WC and EC in the national team of Germany in the MASTERS category
He has been participating in walking races in the Czech Republic for many years, for example, in 1988 he went on the legendary 50 km walking route from Prague to Poděbrady.
A particularly popular pedestrian meeting is the "Prague Pedestrian Clock", organized by his friend Josef Smola.
2024 is my 58th racing season, that means 58 years of sports walking and racing without interruption.


Born on 01.10.1051 in Potsdam

1961 Member of ASK "Vorwärts Potsdam"
Erster Trainer Wilhelm Kustak
1966 First Geherwettkampf (July 03.07, 1966)
1968 Trainer Hans-Joachim Pathus
1969 DDR-Record 20 km Straßengehen A-Jugend (17 Jahre) in 1:38:10h
In the following years, many national and international competitions and training activities were held in Hildburghausen and Erfurt. Ich war im Nachwuchs- und Erwachsenenbereich tätig und trainierte u Ronald Weigel (Olympia- und WM-Medaillengewinner und today Geherbundestrainer) als Schüler und Ronald Papst (Best time 20 km 1:29h).
1990 I became the German Master 50km Straßengehen with Robert Ihly and Detlef Heitmann (LFV Schutterwald)
1991 100km Straßengehen in 11:15h, after 12h erreichte ich 106km in München
Es folgten viele Erfolge bei internationalen Mastersmeisterschaften zB
2018 EC 30 km in Alicante Bronzemedaille
2022 EC 30km in Grosseto Silbermedaille
Zahlreiche Medallen bei WM und EC with the German Masters National Team
Seit vielen Jahren nehme ich an Wettkämpfen in Tschechien part eg beim legendären 50 km Gehen Prag/Podeprady 1988.
Mein besonderer Favorit und Lieblingswettkampf ist das Prager Stundingehen, das von meinem Freund Josef Smola organizativ wird.
2024 ist meine 58 Wettkampfsaison, das bedeutet 58 Jahre Gehsport mit Wettkämpfen ohne Unterbrechung.

Jaroslav Mojžiš

Jaroslav Mojžiš

Born 13.8.1991

Fitness trainer for over 14 years. He trained in several sports, from professional hockey players to athletes to ATP / WTA tennis players. In 2016, he was also a fitness trainer at the Olymp Sports Center of the Ministry of the Interior.
Jarda himself was a hockey player in his youth and was part of his school's athletic team.

His knowledge and experience make a significant contribution to the team Smola Chůze.

Josef Kozelka

Josef Kozelka

Born 25.4. 1954 in Česká Brod

former active competitor,
raced for Slavoj Stará Boleslav, University of Applied Sciences (now USK) Prague and Pozemní stavby Prague,
In 1979, he became the Champion of Prague in a marathon run with a time of 3: 03: 20.

now as a member of SMOLA CHÚZE zs, he helps in the organization of the "Prague Walking Clock" race and very selflessly and with great commitment provides service and support at trainings and races.

Personal walking records:
20km 1:37:49 hrs
50km 5:08:10 hrs
5km 23:39 min

Personal running records:
Marathon 2:48:30
20km 1:12:33 hrs
15km 52:48 min
10km 34:29 min
5km 16:00 min
3km 9:06 min 

Jaroslav Bráblík

Jaroslav Bráblík

Born on 7.3. 1943 in Olomouc, lives in Switzerland in Ascona

Former active competitor, sponsor, has long-term contacts with pedestrians from Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia, one of the biggest promoters of pedestrian sports in Olomouc, where from the mid-sixties, together with Alois Lajčík and Václav Dostalík, they created a team that fought for a leading position in championship and national competitions competitions.
In the mid-sixties he transferred to TJ Lokomotiva Olomouc, which created better conditions for his preparation and for racing throughout Czechoslovakia, but also for organizing his own walking race "Olomoucká dvacítka", which he has held and co-organized since 1967.

On July 3.7.1968, 1, he placed 45rd in the Olomouc race with a time of 03:20:3 (XNUMX km).
October 26.10.1967, 1 also participated in the 50st year of the XNUMXkm race on the track in Olomouc

Now he continues to co-organize the "Olomoucká dvacítka" race and helps with the "Prague Pedestrian Clock" race.
He also often accompanies Pep Sola to walking races.