Prague walking watch, already this Saturday, October 19, 2019 from 10:00 in Stromovka, Prague!

The Prague Train Station, still on Saturday, October 19, 2019 in Prague Stromovka Park!

Time flies like crazy and the coming Saturday is the time of the 7th year of the Prague Walking Watch !!! 


Proposals HERE / Description as follows:

Applications HERE / Anmeldungen an:

Startlists ONLINE HERE / Startliste ONLINE wie folgt:


Project leader: Josef Smola

The event is organized by SMOLA CHŮZE Praha zs in cooperation with AC RUMBURK zs

Technically provided by: AC RUMBURK zs

Director of the whole event: Jan Rein

Technical director: Petr Choc

The event is moderated and accompanied throughout the sports day by: Adam Nedvídek 

Timekeeping is provided by: Sportovní - Marek Blažek

Main sponsor of the event: SMOLA KONSTRUKCE Ltd

Drinking regime is provided by: MUFLON Praha - Kunratice Brewery

The correct nutrition is supervised and provided by: Pavel Fatka Butcher's and Sausage Shop, Velká Chuchle

And these will be the medals this year: GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE for the first three in each category !!!

For others who do not fit on the podium, medals will be prepared as well - participants! 

And for all the many other surprises !!! After all, just like every year!

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IMG 4373