The winners of the 41st International Walking Races "Dudinská fifty" with the golden status of the World Athletics Race Walking Tour series were Olympic champions in both categories in the main 35 km race on Saturday, as expected.

Massimo Stano D50 2022 photo Milan Duroch 1024x684In the men's category, the gold medalist triumphed for 20 km from Tokyo / Sapporo Massimo Stano. The Italian national team reached the time of 2:29:09 h, thus setting the record of the meeting, which until now belonged to the Slovak Matej Tóth from the meantime! at 2015 km (50:2:30). Stano, 34, fulfilled what he came to Dudinec. He not only reached the limit at the July World Championships in Eugene, USA (2:33:00), but also improved his personal record from 2019 by almost six minutes.

In the spa town in the south of Slovakia, the race was 35 km for the first time. Stano reasonably allocated his forces, gradually stepped up the pace, and finally made a decisive attack. At 30 km, he lagged behind the leader José Luis Doctor from Mexico by 39 seconds, he took the lead at the 34th km and after Alex Schwazer from 2012 he is only the second Italian winner of the meeting in Dudince. The Doctor could not resist his onset and was 15 seconds behind in the finish, but even so, the national and continental record of North and Central America was 2:29:24 h. And third in the final standings. Che Sian-chung from China, who led the race in its middle passage, broke the border of 2:30 h and set a national record of 2:29:35 h.

In women, she was the fastest in the Dudinská 50 on the 35 km track Chiyang Shiji from China in 2:43:06 h, which dictated the pace at the head from the beginning to the end of the race. Her performance means not only a meeting record, but also a met at the World Cup (2:54:00). For the Olympic 20 km winner from the 2012 London Olympics (after the additional disqualification of Ruska Lašmanová), it was the 35 km premiere in Dudince. Peruvian woman Kimberly Garcia Leon she was 2 seconds apart in 13nd place and set a South American record. The Chinese woman completed the three on the stages with a performance of 2:45:46 h Li Mao-cchuo, silver medalist at the 50 km from the 2019 World Championships. Eleven women met the performance limit for participation in the World Championships in Dudince.

As expected, the favorites managed the battle for the title of Champion and Champion of the Czech Republic at 35km best, namely Vít Hlaváč from Tepo Kladno in a new personal maximum 2:41:14 h, resp.Tereza Ďurdiaková from USK Prague at 3:01:51

However, there was a big surprise in other medal positions in the women's race when she won the silver medal Stepanka-Pohlova Kucerova performance 3:27:52 h, in front of the national team Jana Zikmundová 3:33:53 h. Štěpánka Pohlová-Kučerová thus managed to win the second medal from the Czech Championship in Poděbrady (MČR 20km) in a very short time and at the same time return after a maternity break with a minimum of training time. In this way, she talked about the national team conditions and certainly to the delight of the national team coach Kateřina Čermáková, who will thus have the opportunity to build a quality women's team for 2023 km for the European Team Championships 35. The bravely fighting veteran finished in fourth place in the Czech Championship Lenka Borovičková (former competitor SMOLA CHŮZE) time 3:46:22 h, which is an average of 6: 28 / km, respectable !!!! Fresh Champion of the Czech Republic on the 20km track (2.4. Poděbrady) Eliška Martínková as expected, she did not finish the race, as she is concentrating on the 20km track.

There were no surprises in the men's race within the MČR, as he went to the winning Hlaváč for the silver medal as expected Lukáš Gdula with a time of 2:48:25 ha for the bronze medal he has already reached a new personal maximum very experienced (although he is still a junior !!) Jaromír Morávek (also former competitor SMOLA CHŮZE) in 2:51:13 h. The veteran finished the race in fourth place Martin Nedvídek in the new personal record 2:56:54 h, for which the same applies to Štěpánka Pohlová-Kučerová within the Czech national team. Fingers crossed! 




Men - 35 km: 1. Massimo Stano (ITA) 2:29:09 h - meeting record, 2. José Luis Doctor (MEX) 2:29:24, 3. Che Siang-chung (China) 2:29:35, 4. Aurélien Quinion (Fr.) 2:30:01, 5. José Arévalo (COL) 2:30:46, 6. Julio César Salazar (MEX) 2: 30: 50,… 34. Vít Hlaváč 2:41:14, 46. Lukáš Gdula 2:48:25, 49. Jaromír Morávek 2:51:13, 55. Martin Nedvídek 2:56:54 (all CR).
Czech championship: 1. Vít Hlaváč 2:41:14, 2. Lukáš Gdula 2:48:25, 3. Jaromír Morávek 2:51:13, 4. Martin Nedvídek 2:56:54, Josef Smola DNS

Women - 35 km: 1. Chiyang Shiji (China) 2:43:06 h, 2. Kimberly García León (Peru) 2:43:19, 3. Li Mao-chu (China) 2:45:46, 4. Viviane Sant Lyr (BRA) 2:49:12, 5. Robyn Stevens (USA) 2:49:29, 6. Viktória Madarászová (Hungary) 2:50:29,… 20. Tereza Ďurdiaková 3:01:51, 35. Štěpánka Pohlová-Kučerová 3:27:52, 38. Jana Zikmundová 3:33:53, 39. Lenka Borovičková 3:46:22 (all Czech Republic)
Czech championship: 1. Tereza Ďurdiaková 3:01:51, 2.Štěpánka Pohlová-Kučerová 3:27:52, 3. Jana Zikmundová 3:33:53, 4. Lenka Borovičková 3:46:22, Eliška Martínková DNF

Men - 20 km: 1. Alejandro Barrondo 1:20:56 h, 2. José Eduardo Ortiz 1:21:16, 3. José Oswaldo Calel (all Guat.) 1:22:09.

Women - 20 km: 1. Sofía Ramosová (MEX) 1:34:04 h, 2. Maritza Ponciuová (Guat.) 1:34:27, 3. Lidia Sánchez Pueblová Fernándezová (Šp.) 1:36:44

Juniors - 10 miles: 1. Mencel (SR) 46:05

Juniors - 10 miles: 1. Jerónimová (Guat.) 48:51

Adolescents - 10 miles: 1. Ortíz (GTM) 41:25

Adolescents - 5 km: 1. Kurucová (SR) 23:57 - limit for EC under 18 years

Veterans - 5 miles: 1. Vojtíšek (ČR) 28:01

Vintage cars - 5 km: 1. Chuga (SR) 29:17

Older pupils - 3 km: 1. Š. Bátovský (SR) 15:05

Older pupils - 3 km: 1. Kusá (SR) 15:11

Younger pupils - 1 km: 1. Vancsó (Hungary) 4:59

Youngest students - 1 km: 1. M. Bencik (SR) 4:43

The youngest student - 1 km: 1. Lasicova (SR) 5:06


Another national championship awaits the best Czech pedestrians after Poděbrady next weekend. This time they will compete for titles on the 35-kilometer track in Dudince.




56th Olomouc Twenties in Walking, April 15, 2022

On Good Friday, April 15.4.2022, 56, the 1th Olomoucká dvacítka sports walking race took place in Olomouc in Smetanovy sady. The race was also part of the XNUMXst round of the Extraliga, I and II. men's and women's leagues, the Veterans' Championships, the Moravian-Silesian Men's and Women's Championships, and for this year it was also included in the bronze walking series World Athletics.






On Good Friday, April 15.4.2022, 56, the 1th Olomoucká dvacítka sports walking race took place in Olomouc in Smetanovy sady. The race was also part of the XNUMXst round of the Extraliga, I and II. men's and women's leagues, the Veterans' Championships, the Moravian-Silesian Men's and Women's Championships, and for this year it was also included in the bronze walking series World Athletics. 

PMSQ6027The main race 56th year. The Olomouc Twenties on a 1.300 m circuit was a 10 km race. 
A record number of 59 men and 35 women, ie a total of 94 pedestrians, stood at the starting line of the main race. In the absence of foreign competition, the favorites, who also dominated the recent races in Poděbrady, won.
She dominated the women's category Eliška Martínková (start number 8) with power 47:16 min. from AC Turnov, visiting Brno. Her national team colleague came in 2nd place Tereza Ďurdiaková from USK Praha in time 47:56 min. and finished in 3rd place Alžběta Franklová for the time 53:35 min. 
Among the men, he won in a close finish Vít Hlaváč (start number 3) with an output of 42:43 min, racing for AC Tepo Kladno, in front of Pardubice Lukáš Gdula, who was 5 seconds behind and they measured him 42:48 min at the finish. Brno finished in 3rd place Milan Rízek time 46:08 min. 
The Olomouc pedestrian legend also stood at the start of the 3 km track Vaclav Dostalik. The winner of the 1st year did not miss a single race and with the symbolic start number 56 (number of years in the Olomouc Twenty) he reached the finish line in 24:28 min. 




!!!! ATTENTION !!!!: CHANGE OF TIMETABLE, Friday, APRIL 15, 2022:

Due to the low number of registered competitors, the main men's and women's 10 km race will be merged and its start will take place at 12:30.




1km walk M

1km walk Ž


3km walk Ž

3km walk M


10km walk Ž

10km walk M

 Due to the fact that the poster below was produced in advance, of course the time information does not apply to it and what is stated above applies !!!!!Olomouc twenty poster email

At the age of only 62, the legendary pedestrian, friend, coach and "Slayer" of Jarda Maky died on Tuesday, April 5, 2022.

Jarda Maky died ..... The devastating news came on Tuesday morning ...... and why he ... 

A legendary walker, a great friend and my former coach. Now that I remember Maky, I'm actually just laughing - and that's how it should be ... His training doses in the Tatras were epoch-making. I don't know anyone who would ever be able to withstand such a training frenzy (eg 2x30km or 10x2km plus 2x5km at 4:15 / km ... etc). Weekly mileage 220km in the High Tatras from November to March ....... When the training plan wrote to me in 1990-1991, it was a real massacre, but the result was 50km-3: 59: 42h, 100km-9: 40: 16h and the Czech Republic record ....... 

The last farewell to Maky takes place on Monday, April 11.4.22, 14 at XNUMX pm in the ceremonial hall at the cemetery in Neratovice - Lobkovice. Honor his memory! 


Jarda Maky (in the photo with the number 128) will forever remain in 5th place in the Czech Republic in the tables on the legendary 50km track: