Prebor of the Liberec region, 27 January 1.2024, Jablonec nN:


Race Jr. 2000 female athletes took part in the girls' 2 m, Kateřina Kratocvílová from Rumburk was happy with the victory ahead of Terezka Lukášová from Chomutov. She completed her first walking race and was 13 seconds behind Kratochvílova (14:5). 

Vojtěch Landyš from Mladá Boleslav won the 3000 m race among pupils in the new OR, who for the first time got under 20 minutes - 19:49.75.

Noemi Maják from Kadana won the girls' race, significantly improving her OR and meeting the limit for the MČR with a time of 17:32.85. ASK Dipoli finished second with a time of 19:25.06, and third place went to Madalena Sabová from Rumburk, who was less than a second behind OR from Silvestrovská hall.

In the junior category, Viktorie Ertlová from Chomutov won in a close fight with Musilová from Dipoli, but even the winner's time of 19:14 is not enough for the best student.

Among the juniors, Ema Kyselicová was happy with the victory - 16:56 and thus beat her rivals, the second Smolíková (18:22) and Ides (21:13) from Dipoli, by a class difference.

In the women's race, Johana Petříková from Prague achieved 15:24.32 for the high-quality OR, who continues to improve gradually. Veteran Lenka Borovičková crossed the finish line in second place in a quality performance of 16:53.37, Martina Netolická from Liberec finished third.

Nedvidek IMG 0714 500x329The men's (and teenagers') 5000 m race was run together. Rumbur veteran Martin Nedvídek clearly dominated his training pace - 23:17.46. In recent days, he has been celebrating successes in the "buffoon" field. Martin became an international judge of the silver category last year, and the first invitations to international competitions did not take long. He was thus invited to judge the highest category races in Dudince and Poděbrady, where we will see him years later in a role other than racing. An even greater award came from World Athletics, when Martin was nominated as a technical delegate for one of the world's largest gold category races - the meeting in La Coruna. !!!CONGRATULATIONS TO MARTIN!!!

However, it is not the only success in the official field for AC Rumburk. Newly, Jan Rein and Lucie Nekulová joined the panel of ČAS competition managers, and Czech walking now has representatives on the panel after a break.


Finally, Czech walking gets fresh wind in its sails!!!

Fresh teenagers were fighting for the next places behind Martin. Last year's two-time student champion of the Czech Republic, Dan Mochal, showed a quality indoor performance of 24:47.43, which is his absolute OR. Ondřej Plecháček from Turnov reached the finish line third (second in the junior race) in 26:10.02, and Vojtěch Vejvančický from Rumbur was 10 seconds behind. Even for Vejvančický, it is an absolute OR, which can please his coach Jan Rein. All three competitors are still novices at this distance and we can certainly look forward to further improvement in the next races. Their performances are a promise before the MČR, where last year the teenagers did not perform very well.

Olomouc, 27.1. 2024:


The race was also held on the Olomouc indoor circuit. The 3000 m race was dominated by Orlík from Vyško, teenager Čeněk Topor with a performance of 16:59. 74, ahead of veterans Zajíc and Mark.

Among the women, Nela Skupieňová from Šternber reigned in the new OR 17:18.44 ahead of her team colleague Jurkuláková - 17:39.96 and Ivana Vranková from Opava - 17:48.59.

However, the competition was not only held in the Czech Republic. Among the most interesting performances of the past weekend are the following meetings.

In France, 3000 and 5000m races were held in Vittel on Saturday. The women's race was dominated by the champion from last year's ME 23 Pauline Stey - 12:42.13 ahead of the winner from Zittau Camille Moutard - 13:11.32. 14 female walkers got under 5 minutes.

However, the performance of the day was demonstrated by the Žitav winner of the 35 km race, Aurelien Quinion. After training sessions in South Africa and Portugal, he improved his OR - 18:50.38. Immediately 4 competitors got under the magic limit of 20 minutes.


JNPZ1286Ludmila Olijanovska, whom we know well in the Czech Republic thanks to Pražská Hodinovka, started outside the main competition in the men's race on Saturday at the competitions in Kyiv. In the men's race, she significantly beat her rivals and achieved a performance of 20:50. If this were a race on the WA calendar, then Olijanvska's performance would be a world record over the distance. Unfortunately, the WA calendar included the 3000m race for women and the 5000m race only in the men's category.

However, the biggest draw of the weekend was the fights in Australia. The traditional Supernova meeting, included in the World Pedestrian Tour, a bronze level race, attracted a large number of walkers. There were really great performances to see. A number of male and female athletes have been training together in Australia in recent weeks and, just like last year, it has been shown that international training in the Australian summer suits the pedestrians.

27.1. women started on the 10 m track. From the start of the race, the trio of Olympic champion Liu (China), Montag (Australia, silver from Budapest) and Arenas from Colombia led the way. With a distance of 30 - 50 m, the French pedestrian Beretta ran her race. The women started at a more moderate pace of 4:30/km, but it gradually picked up. 5 km was just over 22 minutes in the meantime. At that moment, the French athlete began to pull back her loss and soon caught up with the leading trio and even went to the front of the race. The Chinese legend Liu couldn't handle further acceleration and started to lose. 2m before the finish line, local star Jemima Montag made a strong start and completely destroyed her competitors.

With a performance of 43:14.78, she defended her victory last year, and in Paris the medical student will be one of the favorites. Colombian runner Arenas finished second - 43:27.48, and for third place, but above all, a personal and national record was achieved by a French runner - 43:35.53. Greek champion Ntrismpioti (W40!!!) finished in fifth place behind fourth Liu, still in under 45 minutes!

The race can be viewed at STREAM HERE - Day 2, the men's race is then under the Day 3 tab.


A day later, men also tried out the 10m. Home fighter Kyle Swan led the field from the start along with Rhydian Cowley, but Tokyo 000s medalist Evan Dunfee of Canada held bravely between them. And it was the Canadian who dictated the pace in the second half of the race, tore apart the leading three and not only achieved a great victory, but also an extremely high-quality national and North American record - 38:25.42. The dream of an Olympic medal from a shorter distance is becoming more and more real for Evan. Both Australians Swan and Cowley managed to get under the 39 min mark - Swan 38:46.99 Cowley 38:55.20. Australian youths also performed well, the U 18 record was set - 41:30.77 by Bailey Housden.

Even the Australian race after the Turkish one showed how great the Olympic motivation is. Only 48 men and 48 women will get a ticket to the Olympics. So we have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.