ABOUT HALL TITLES ON WALK. A series of domestic indoor republic championships will start next weekend. Pedestrians are traditionally the first to compete for medals in the Czech Republic. Czech Championship in walking, adults, juniors, adolescents and pupils.

Technical delegate dr. Kňákal selected a total of 60 pedestrians from 10 registered - 8 pupils, 13 pupils, 5 teenagers, 4 teenagers, 4 juniors, 5 juniors, 11 women and XNUMX men. These numbers clearly show the state of the Czech walking base for the national team. Few young people, who are still declining towards the junior age, and those who remain in adulthood are stagnant in terms of performance, with a few exceptions.                                                           

3What are the hopes for winning medals in each category, who are the favorites? Between pupils at 3 m one can expect a duel for medals between the trustees of coach J. Nejezchleba from Slezan Frýdek-Místek Viktoria Bartonova, 08 (16:21 min), Eliška Kokořová, 07 (16: 30 min) a Michaela Boboková, 07 (17:13 min), which proved their dominance among the peers in this order at the autumn track championship of the Czech Republic in Mladá Boleslav. According to this year's results, the only one that could fight for the bronze medal is the new face of the Vrchlabí walking group of coach K. Maternová Kateřina Hromádková, 08 (17:48 min). Pupils at 3 m Vrchlabí rules unrivaled Matěj Piták, 07 (14:04 min), coach K. Maternová, but who is not logged in.  They can therefore strive for precious metals far back in Frýdek-Místek Simon Vaclavik, 08 (last year 16:44 min), coach J. Nejezchleba, this year's discovery from AC Turnov Ondrej Plechacek, 08 (16:45 min), coach T. Krištof (?) And Vyškov Eagle Cenek Topor, 07 (last year 17:25 min), coach A. Málková. It is hard to expect any other student to improve under 17 minutes. Between adolescents at 3 m is a balanced trio that should fight for supremacy. The most experienced is last year's junior champion (also a medalist from cross-country championships) Sternberg Ema Klimentová,05 (14: 42.50 min), coaches M. and J. Sadilova; her younger rivals are last year's student champion Adéla Veselková, 06 (14: 43.97 min, on the circuit 14:35 min), SAK Rumburk, coach L. Veselka and Vrchlabská Adéla Pittnerová, 06 (14:46 min), coach K. Maternová. Mladá Boleslav will be waiting for their hesitation Lucie Krinwaldová, 05 (15:11 min), coach J. Prückner and Alžběta Franklová, 05 (15:27 min) from Prague SK Jeseniova, coach V. Molva; the third at the back is Anna Horakova, 05 (15:44 min), AC Rumburk, coach M. Nedvídek.  Adolescents at 5 m have a paper favorite in Albert Kuklov, 05 (3 m three weeks ago in 000:14 min), SK Jeseniova, coach V. Molva. Last year vice - champion Tomáš Endršt, 05 (24: 49.15 min), USK Praha, coach P. Brandejský, has been quarantined and injured in the last three weeks, so his current performance is uncertain. Last year's silver pupil is always well prepared for the championship races Vojtech Novak, 06, Slezan Frýdek-Místek, coach J. Nejezchleba; this year's 27:44 min is not a picture of his current performance. Last year's bronze student will also strive for the fastest possible times Filip Klazar, 06 , SK Vrchlabí SMOLA KONSTRUKCE, coach K. Maternová and significantly improved compared to last year  Eduard Vodvarka, 06, Athletics Jižní Město, coach P. Brandejský. Juniors at 3 m reigns Kladno Klára Hlaváčová, 03 (14:24 min), coach K. Čermáková, she should get the silver Katka Nedvídková, 04 (15:37 min), AC Rumburk, coach M. Nedvídek. The other pair is the more experienced Vrchlabí Tereza Pittnerova, 04, (16:24 min), coach K. Maternová. IN juniors at 5 m a great duel can be expected between the more internationally successful ones so far Jaromír Morávek, 03 (21:28 min), AK ŠKODA Plzeň, coach K. Maternová and faster this year Adam Zajíček, 03 (20:57 min), Athletics Poruba, coach K. Ketner. Roman Hanyk, 04 (24:53 min), AC Turnov, coach D. Šnajdr  and Robert Hurdálek, 03 (25: 2 min), SK Nové Město nad Metují, coach D. Šnajdr, will compete for the bronze medal. The race women at 3 m last year's Olympian will not attend Tereza Ďurdiaková, 91, the favorite is the medalist from last year's Junior World Championships and European Championships Eliška Martínková, 02, (at MČR 2021 time under 13 min, but DQ), AC Turnov, coach K. Čermáková. The silver should go to her section colleague Jana Zikmundova, 02, (14:18 min), AC Turnov, coach K. Čermáková, bronze then Štěpánek Pohlová Kučerová, 87 (15: 01.34 min), Sokol Hradec Králové, coach T. Hlavenka). Another racer Michaela Baklíková, 01 (16: 39.38 min) AK ŠKODA Plzeň, coach J. Malysa a Johana Petříková, 02 (16: 34.62 min), Spartak Prague 4, coach P. Brandejský, will strive to beat the border for 16 minutes. In a busy category men at 5 m are the favorites of the Olympians Vít Hlaváč, 97 (21: 12.1h), AC TEPO Kladno, coach I. Piták and Lukáš Gdula, 91 (20: 16.5h), Hvězda Pardubice, coach I. Piták, of whom Hlaváč was more successful last season. The veteran world champion should probably fight for the bronze Martin Nedvídek, 75 (21: 57.89h) AC Rumburk and a new veteran (but he is only walking for the fifth year) Rostislav Kolar, 87  (22:09 min), SK Hranice, coach P. Brandejský. Their most serious rivals seem to be the three-time champion of the Czech Republic for 20 km and a former representative, today mainly a successful coach  Karel Ketner, 90 (more years 20: 41.0 min, SSK Vítkovice and former youth medalist Alexandr Malysa, 97 (23: 46.88 min), VSK University of Brno, coach (?), If they prepared perfectly for this race. It would be a surprise to place someone else in the top six. On Sunday, February 13, it will be revealed who succeeded as expected, who surprised and who failed.   

MUDr. Petr Brandejský

Sport in the context of genocide. It has not yet happened that the Olympics will be organized by a country suspected of committing genocide.

XXIV will be inaugurated in Beijing today. Winter Olympics. Fourteen years later, the global sports mega-enterprise is once again taking place in a country that has long been criticized on the international stage for human rights violations.

downloaded fileThe actual organization of the Games in the People's Republic of China is causing controversy. Western countries are announcing a diplomatic boycott athletes also come with criticism. Looking at all the possible violations of international law that China has committed in the last five years, it is surprising that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and its global sponsors have not taken such a country away from the organization - regardless of the issue of genocide. Persecution of journalists, use of technologies to monitor citizens, forced labor, arbitrary detention and torture of members of ethnic minorities, repression of liberties, prosecution of persons exercising the right to freedom of expression and long-term persecution of human rights activists. These are just a few areas of violation of international conventions.

The question arises as to whether the IOC should not consider dissolving it.

According to the Olympic Charter, Olympism is "a philosophy of life, uplifting and balancing together the ability of man, the will and the spirit." Olympism seeks to create a way of life that is based on "the joy of effort, the educational value of good practice, social responsibility, and respect for fundamental universal ethnic principles." 

It is not at all clear how the Chinese Olympics will contribute to "the harmonious development of humanity in order to create a peaceful society that seeks to preserve human dignity." In a country where human dignity is currently being trampled on and belittled, soaring words about fair play, respect, reverence and understanding between the nations of the world will be heard in the speeches .......

An exemplary world walk performed by Christopher Linke. 

Here is a link to the whole race, pedestrians line up at the starting line at about 1:03:00, start about a minute later. The walk is quite busy, you may see pedestrians walking in the background. Otherwise, there are also very nice stick figures to see ........

And especially the first 400m, the pace they go, it's just impressive and a joy to watch. According to the comment, all the pedestrians have just returned from a training camp in the Canary Islands, where they have traveled many kilometers. Perhaps the well-known marathon supercompensation effect has manifested itself, when a number of people after the marathon will run people on shorter routes in the next two weeks. 


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An incredible and fantastic performance of a world-class extra performed by Christopher Linke on a 3.000m walk 10: 58,94min !!!!! at the indoor meeting in Erfurt at the Hartwig Gauder Hall in ERFUR. 

Incredible and fantastic world-class service of Christopher Linke over 3.000 m from the railway station 10: 58,94 !!!! at the National Hall Meeting in ERFURT, Hartwig-Gauder-Halle

!!!, ENGLISH, ABSOLUTELY WORLD AIRPORT AND EVERY EMERGENCY - man sieht, like a SCHNELL and SAUBER !!!!!! go there !!!!


Christopher Linke from SC Potsdam, following sensational roundabouts from 3:30 minutes and 3:29 minutes in 10: 58,94 minutes as first in destination:

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List of competitors entitled to participate in the Czech Walking Championships in the hall held on 13 February 2022 in Prague on the basis of meeting at least one of the participation limits in the period from 1 April 2021.

Czech Hall Walking Championship (fulfilled participation limits) .pdf



The indoor walking races took place last weekend not only in the Czech Republic (in Jablonec and Olomouc), but also in Munich and Bratislava. Adam Zajíček crossed the 5.000m in Bratislava in 20: 47,67 and the MASTERS racer Horst Kiepert in Munich took a speed test in preparation for the World Championships in Oman! 

In Bratislava, only the winning Miroslav Úradník got under 5.000min walk, the Czech junior representative Adam Zajíček went very well 20: 20. In women at 47,67m, Klaudia Žárska set a very good personal record of 3.000: 13. All results from Bratislava can be found at:  https://statistika.atletika.sk/kalendar/vysledky/1

Andreas Janker won the 5.000m walk in Munich at 23: 45,70 and our friend Horst Kiepert (born 1951) took a speed test in preparation for the MASTERS World Championship in Oman - Muscat !!!

Bavarian HallengehenMunich start

League walk - individual rounds 2022: OLOMOUC, MILOVICE, NOVÉ MĚSTO NAD METUJÍ, BRNO

1st round Friday 15 AprilDSC 8199 55. Olom. 20 on the track of a Czech veteran. 2022:

Organizer - AK Olomouc zs

Extraliga M, W 10 km

I. league M, W 10 km

II. league M, W 10 km  


2nd round Saturday 7. 5. 2022:

Organizer - SCHP zs - Milovice

Extraliga M, W 10 km

I. league M, W 10 km

II. league M, W 5 km     


3rd round Sunday, May 22, 5:

Organizer - SK Nové Město nad Metují

I. league M, W 10.000m

II. league M, W 5.000m


4nd round Saturday 6. 8. 2022:

Organizer - AC Moravská Slavia Brno association

I. league M, W 10 km

II. league M, W 10 km