ZAJÍČEK 13., ĎURDIAKOVÁ 19., HLAVÁČ 21., MARTÍNKOVÁ 27., MORÁVEK DNF. Junior Adam Zajíček achieved the best Czech result in 13th place.


The two-day World Team Championships took place in Muscat, Oman, the first-ever global athletics event in the country.

On Friday (Sunday is a working day in Oman) in hot and humid conditions, the Chinese completely dominated, won all six gold coins and in the individual "U20" and women's 20 km races on the podium in two. 

600X398 1379900132ĎURDIAKOVÁ 19., HLAVÁČ 21.

In the women's 35-kilometer race, Indka Priyanka embarked on a daring escape, and at the tenth kilometer her lead was almost two and a half minutes. Behind her was an eleven-member group of pursuers, whose tail was held by Tereza Ďurdiaková. Just around the 10-kilometer mark, however, she began to lose contact with the best. The Chinese competitor Maocuo Li was the first to prosecute the Indian competitor. Priyanka's lead was pulled down hard until she got in front of her around the fifteenth kilometer, which was subsequently successful for other competitors as well, and Indka gradually fell through the starting field.

Maocuo Li was in the lead at the 20th kilometer and the second Ecuadorian Glenda Morejón lost 26 seconds to her. However, the South American pedestrian had a great time and over the next four kilometers erased the Chinese woman's lead and gradually began to move away from her. She then comfortably ran for the Omani primacy at 2:48:33, setting a basic championship record, as this route was run for the first time. Chinese Maocuo Li clearly defended the silver medal at 2:50:56. Bronze travels to Poland thanks to Katarzyna Zdzieblová (2:51:48). Tereza Ďurdiaková passed the finish line as the nineteenth in 3:12:21.

The team competitions clearly belonged to the Ecuadorians (12 points). They were then accompanied to the podium by Spaniards (28 points) and Chinese (29 points).

Chodecké tabulky ČR - 2022, prepared by Mudr. Petr Brandejský

Schoolgirl older than 3 m walking in the hall         

16: 01.39h 1 Viktorie BARTOŇOVÁ 08 TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, zs Praha-Stromovka 1302

16: 21.11h 1 Ostrava 2301

16: 01.65h 2 Eliška KOKOŘOVÁ 07 TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, zs Praha-Stromovka 1302

17: 06.31h 3 Kateřina HROMÁDKOVÁ 08 SK Vrchlabí "SK" Praha-Stromovka

17: 48.88h MS Jablonec nad Nisou 2901

18: 44.50 3 Jablonec nad Nisou 0902       

17: 30.21h 4 Michaela BOBOKOVÁ 07 TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, zs Praha-Stromovka 1302

18: 37.96 2 Ostrava 2301

17: 44.69h 5 Viktorie VANKOVA 09 TJ Slezan Frydek-Mistek, zs Praha-Stromovka 1302 ML

17: 56.47h 6 Hana PETRUŠKOVÁ 08 TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, zs Praha-Stromovka 1302

19: 18.24h 3 Ostrava 2301

19: 04.08h 7 Ema KOUDELKOVÁ 08 SK Vrchlabí "SK" Praha-Stromovka 1302

19: 34.36 5 Jablonec nad Nisou 0902

20: 19.06 MS Jablonec nad Nisou 2901

19: 24.37h 8 Lucie REICHSTEINOVÁ 07 SK Vrchlabí "SK" Praha-Stromovka 13

19: 25.20h 9 Nela SKUPIEŇOVÁ 07 AK Šternberk zs Praha-Stromovka 1302

20: 14.44h 5 Ostrava 2301

20: 47.28h 6 Karolina BRAZDILOVA 07 TJ Slezan Frydek-Mistek, zs Ostrava 2301


A total of 50 pedestrians took part in the championship, seven were missing mainly due to covid disease. In seven out of eight categories - with the exception of women, this year's best performances were created, and except for the category of female students, the fights for medal positions turned out as expected. The most valuable performances of the day are the times of 5 m of the first two men and two juniors, of the women the times of the first two teenagers and the winners of the junior race, the times of the first two pupils are also promising. In terms of walking technology, good performance was seen in most of the starters. 

dsc01274 LargeBetween female at 3 m (000) they fought from start to finish with a big lead over their opponents Viktorie Bartonova, 08 a Eliška Kokořová, 07, both TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, coaching duo J. Nejezchleba and V. Siebeltová. Even though Kokořová tried to take the lead, Bartoňová always defended them and in the final for the last 100 m she was 0,26 s earlier in the finish (16: 01.39 vs. 16: 0165 min). Their team and training colleague took third place over half of the track Michaela Boboková, 07, your head start on Kateřina Hromádková, 08, SK Vrchlabí SMOLA KONSTRUKCE, coach K. Maternová, surprisingly lost and remained in the finish with the "potato" medal 24 s back (17: 06.32 min vs. 17: 30.21 min). The fifth and sixth place were also deservedly won by Frýdek-Místek girls - younger pupils Viktorie Vankova, 09 (17: 44.69 min) a Hana Petruskova, 08 (17: 56.47 min). Adolescents at 3 m (000) dominated by Ema Klimentová, 05, AK Šternberk, coach J. Sadil, when she "left" after the second km  Adéle Pittnerová, 06, SK Vrchlabí SMOLA KONSTRUKCE, coach K. Maternová, and won with a lead of 22 s (14: 34.84 vs. 14: 56.22 min). It has not been enough since the start of this pair Adela Veselkova, 06, SAK Rumburk, coach L. Veselka, and ran for the bronze medal in her below-average time 16: 01.49 min. Fourth place belongs Lucia Krinwaldová,05, AC Mladá Boleslav, coach J. Prückner, who kept just behind Veselková for over 1500 m (16: 21.22 min). Behind her in fifth place, she mostly fought bravely alone Michaela Plešáková, 05, TJ Sokol České Budějovice, coach M. Lapka (16: 31.89 min - OR in 54 s) and finished sixth Eliška Buďárková, 05, SK Vrchlabí SMOLA KONSTRUKCE, coach K. Maternová (17: 59.67 min - OR in 2 s). Among juniors at 3 m (000)  there was no doubt about the victory Klára Hlaváčová, 03, AC TEPO Kladno, coach K. Čermáková; with a reserve reached time 14: 39.85 min. Far back, he won silver in second place Katka Nedvídková, 04, coach M. Nedvídek, in 16: 17.67 min. Life success is the third place Štěpánky Šlichtová, 03, TJ VTŽ Chomutov (coach?) In OR 17: 29.19 min. Tereza Pittnerova, 04, SK Vrchlabí SMOLA KONSTRUKCE, coach K. Maternová, was fourth with a time of 18: 51.86 min by almost 2,5 minutes behind her OR from 2020. Women & # 3; s 000 m (3) met in the absence of Olympian Ďurdiaková and world junior medalist 2021 Martínková only the most necessary number for the award of medals; big lead Jana Zikmundova, 02, AC Turnov, (coach?), Shortened in the end, but was enough for a safe victory in her below-average time of 15: 58.56 min (OR has 14:18 min) before this year significantly improved Johaná Petříková, 02, Spartak Prague 4, coach P. Brandejský (16: 10.71 min - OR from 24 s). She finished third after the lost end of the fight with Petříková Michaela Baklíková, 01, AK ŠKODA Plzeň, coach A. Malysa (16: 20.76 min).   To pupils at 3000 m (8)  like the pupils, the duel practically led to the finish line between the leader Ondřej Plecháček, 08, AC Turnov, coach K. Čermáková and his shadow Šimon Václavík, 08, TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, coach J. Nejezchleba; he repeatedly made unsuccessful attacks on opponents and lost contact with him on the last 250 m of the track (times 16: 40.49 and 16: 46.95 min). From the beginning, he went third Cenek Topor, 07, Orel Vyškov, coach A. Málková; he can be satisfied with the bronze medal, with a time of 17: 51.17 min barely. Surprising fourth came Stepan Hladik, 07, AC Pardubice, coach ?, in OR 18: 57.32 min in front of a younger student Miroslav Myška, 09, TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, coach J. Nejezchleba (OR 19: 37.78 min); Sixth place is a disappointment for Filipa Hodače, 07, USK Prague, who paid for the four-month outage from training (19: 51.97 min, OR from October 2021 18:38 min). 

Adolescents at 5 m they ended up in the order that was expected. Slightly favored Albert Kukla, 05, SK Jeseniova, coach T. Korbel, went his top five tactically; after too fast a start (first km 4:45 min) he gradually slowed down and before the finish line 3 km he was overtaken by a more experienced Tomáš Endršt, 05, USK Prague, coach P. Brandejský; after a 14-day outage due to illness and injury, he too had to slow down from a pace of 5 min / km, but still safely finished first; although 14 s slower than last year in the Ostrava hall, but 43 s ahead of Kukla (25: 30.50 vs. 26: 13.41 min). The bronze medal deservedly fell a year younger Vojtěch Novák, 06, TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, coach J. Nejezchleba (26: 52.87 min - OR in 51 s). Of last year's other students, the "five" premiere was more successful Filip Klazar, 06,  SK Vrchlabí SMOLA KONSTRUKCE, coach K. Maternová (29: 35.88 min), while Eduard Vodvarka, 06, Athletics Jižní Město, coach P. Brandejský, visibly succumbed to the atmosphere of the championship race and significantly lagged behind the training tests technically and efficiently (time 30: 24.71 min).  

dsc01380 Large Race juniors at 5 m brought a thrilling duel between Jaromír Morávek, 03, AK ŠKODA Plzeň, coach K. Maternová and Adam Zajíček, 03, Athletics Poruba, coach K. Ketner. Although with a faster time this year (20: 57,60 min), Zajíček pulled for a shorter end and Morávek beat his time in the finish (20: 53.90 min, Zajíček went 21: 13.26 min). The fight for third place decided for himself with a loss of three minutes Robert Hurdálek, 03, SK Nové Město nad Metují, coach D. Šnajdr (24: 320.84 min) před Roman Hanyk, 04, AC Turnov, coach D. Šnajdr (25: 04.96 min). The highlight of the championship was men's race for 5 m - the match of the Olympians, from which, as last year, the championship on the track and road came out victorious  Vít Hlaváč, 97, AC TEPO Kladno, coach ?, in the last decade unprecedented time under 20 min (19: 55.03 min - OR); and Lukáš Gdula, 91, Hvězda Pardubice, coach K. Čermáková, reached excellent 20: 25.88 min. The current best amateurs, faster this year, were aiming for the bronze medal Rostislav Kolar, 87, SK Hranice, coach P. Brandejský and Martin Nedvídek, 75 AC Rumburk (coach himself). Mutual rotation was not enough to keep the target pace below 22 min (3 m in 000:13 min) and the acceleration of Kolář did not help when he disengaged from Nedvídek - the last 25 km in 2:8 min. Kolář's time at the finish was 45: 22 min; Nedvídek in fourth place reached time 10.13: 22 min. He took fifth place Tomas Gdula, 97, Hvězda Pardubice, coach alone (23: 45.59 min) before Alexander Malysa, 97, VSK University of Brno, coach former junior representative Roman Říha (24: 14.20 min). Walking novice (formerly a youthman on long hurdles) Michal Hanyk,02, AC Turnov, coach Kateřina Čermáková, finished in seventh place 24: 35.96 min (after a quick start 10 s slower than 14 days ago in Jablonec n. N.). The evaluation of the championship belongs to the association's walking coach Kateřina Čermáková. MUDr. Petr Brandejský, 13.2.2022            


The presidency of the Czech Athletics Association has approved a nomination for the March World Walking Team Championship.

The Walking World Team Walking Championship will take place on March 4 and 5 and will be hosted by the Omani metropolis of Muscat. The Czech colors will defend five names.

Muscat 2022We will be represented in Tereza Ďurdiaková in the women's 35-kilometer race. In October last year, she set the value of the national record in this new discipline at 2:51:50 and secured her participation in the World Championships in Eugene and the European Championships in Munich.

The Czech jersey Vít Hlaváč will wear the men's 35-kilometer race. Thanks to last year's time of 2, he has already completed the 33-kilometer race at the European Championships in Munich, but if he wants to think about participating in Eugene, he must aim for a time of XNUMX:XNUMX, which would mean a significant improvement in his personal record.

In the women's 20 km race Silver from MEJ in Tallinn and bronze from MSJ in Nairobi will make its premiere at a major international event among adults Eliška Martínková, which is certainly thinking about a significant shift in the career high on this track, which so far has a value of 1:39:13. The sharp limit for starting at the European Championships in Munich is 1:32:15.

In the junior category at 10 kilometers we will have two representatives at the start, so the Czech youths will have the opportunity to intervene in the team competition. The twelfth of the MEJ in Tallinn and the eighteenth of the MSJ in Nairobi Jaromír Morávek and the twentieth of the MEJ in Tallinn Adam Zajíček they will target 43:00 to secure this year's Junior World Championships in Cali, Colombia.


On Sunday, pedestrian titles were fought in Stromovka. In the men's 5000-meter race, Vít Hlaváč ran out of gold when he was the only one to squeeze his time under twenty minutes. His winning performance was 19: 55.03. Lukáš Gdula was second in 20: 25.88 and Rostislav Kolář (22: 10.13) finished third.

dsc01166 LargeAmong juniors, Jaromír Morávek rejoiced on the same track in the time of 20: 53.90 ahead of Adam Zajíček 21: 13.26 and Robert Hurdálek (24: 20.84).

The youth race went best for Tomáš Endršt (25: 30.50), who was followed by Albert Kulka (26: 13.41) and Vojtěch Novák (26: 52.87).

From the women's categories, the winner of the junior race, Ema Klimentová, achieved the best time on the championship trio, when she won in 14: 34.84. The silver Adéla Pittner (14: 56.22) also got under fifteen minutes. The third was Adéla Veselková (16: 01.49).

Klára Hlaváčová reigned in the juniors for 14: 39.85 before Katka Nedvídková (16: 17.67) and Štěpánka Šlichtová (17: 29.19).

The women's race belonged to Jana Zikmundová (15: 58.56). Other medals were won by Johana Petříková (16: 10.71) and Michaela Bakliková (16: 20.76).


Czech Walking Championship in the hall of Prague, February 13, 2022

1. I divide the originally announced joint race for 3000 m walk of women, juniors and teenagers into 2 races, namely the race for 3000 m walk of teenagers and joint race for 3000 m walk of women and juniors, and in this context I change the time schedule as follows:

10.30 3000 m walk Harvest F

11.00 3000 m walk Žci F

11.30 3000 m walk Dky F

12.00 3000 m walk W F 3000 m walk Jky F

12.30 5000 m walk MF 5000 m walk Jři F 5000 m walk Dci F

2. In the junior category, I additionally designate Vivien Uvírová, 2003, Atletika Poruba zs

In Pacov, on February 9, 2022 RNDr. Ladislav Kňákal