11th edition - 19 October 2024, Stadium AC PRAGUE 1890, PRAGUE 8 - LIBEŇ

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Kimberly García and Perseus Karlström dominated the gold meeting of the Poděbrady Walking world circuit in track records. Czech titles at 20 km were defended by Vít Hlaváč and Eliška Martínková. Ema Klimentová dominated the junior top ten, Albert Kukla finished third.










Yards of EliThe spa colonnade hosted on Saturday 6.4. already the 92nd year of the famous Poděbrady walking meeting. The year was a record in many ways. In the Olympic year, the spa circuit attracted a record number of top walkers, unfortunately the weather was also record breaking. Burning Sun and the 26thº, this is definitely not normal April weather.

The race circuit was again excellently prepared from Friday by the team around Jan Rein, who is always faithfully accompanied by his wife Míla. Thank you for your dedicated work.

The race day started an hour before noon with a 3 km start. After a great fight, the Slovakian pedestrian Dominika Pernická (14:35) crossed the finish line victoriously, who managed to shake off the still newbie among pedestrians, the skilled runner and protégé of Karel Ketner Hynk Svoboda, in the last 500 m. OR from Dudincé improved by 2 seconds to 14:39. A talented walker from Duchcov Slaměník appeared at the finish line in third place, also in an improved OR - 15:43. The third student was Miroslav Myška (16:14), who finished with Noemi Maják from Kadaň. She was second in the female class and she is also improving race after race - 16:14 and will probably soon break the 16 minute mark. The third pupil was Viktorie Vaňková, and for her the Poděbrady race was a sign of the best personal performance - 16:33.

Among the young walkers, the performance of Kateřina Kratochvílová, a young competitor from AC Rumburk, who did not hesitate after her race and joined the work at the refreshment station and resolutely refilled water for adult walkers should be highlighted. Bravo. The students showed an overall solidly mastered technique and nice performances.

After them, the male and female pedestrians prepared for their race on the 5 km course. In the mixed race of U16 and Masters athletes, we saw a number of excellent performances. Slovak pedestrian Lukáš Rosenbaum was the clear winner of U16 - 21:57. Dan Mochal from Liberec reached the finish line in second place, but the great OR did not register. A justified disqualification came very quickly and Dan will have to wait for the first time under 23 minutes. It must be said that the competitor had a whole series of warnings from 5 judges and collected 3 reds in the last lap. It is a pity for him that the penalty zone was not applied in the junior race. It was prepared and it is hard to understand that it is not applied to a youth race, when this rule was introduced in the beginning precisely for the sake of youth. If Mochal had received a 30 sec penalty, he would have still made it to OR and finished fifth in the race, thereby registering a DQ. The other Czech juniors performed excellently, of which the trio Plecháček - 23:59, Rösler - 24:22 and Vejvančický - 24:57 should be singled out. All demonstrated OR. The biggest compliment goes to Vejvančický, who worked all Friday on preparing the circuit and was already in front of the Libeňský hotel at 7:30 on Saturday and willingly helped with everything that was needed. After the race, he, like Kratochvílová, went to the refreshment room and helped the Rein couple. Thank you!

EyrieThe winner of the veteran race was the competitor from Hong Kong Chun Hung Tse - 24:38. The most experienced competitors at the start were the German Bonness and the indomitable Czech veteran Standa Marek, both born in 1942!!!

The fastest teenager was Slovenka Zámečníková, among masters athletes Ivana Vranková from Opava took the silver step.

At 12:50, the women started the main 20 km race. Tereza Ďurdiaková was absent at the start, she excused herself for health reasons, and the participation of the 9th from the World Championships in Budapest to the Olympic Games in Paris is not even theoretical at the moment.

Hark weather was not a problem for the favorites, the main favorite Kimberly Gacia Leon from Peru performed a wonderful performance, who set a new meeting record - 1:27:09 at her first start in Poděbrady. In the second half of the race, she was able to overtake the Italian Olympic champion Palmissano and Glenda Morejón. The athlete from Ecuador showed great fighting spirit, losing 18 seconds to the Italian at 3 km, but then she started and went for the silver in 1:27:21. This time, the Italian hung the bronze medal around her neck in 1:27:27. No less than 9 female competitors performed under 1:30:00 and another 2 were very close to breaking this mark. Immediately 16 female competitors withdrew from the race, the conditions were not the easiest.

Everyone had high expectations from the start of Eliška Martínková. Our number one didn't have her day and from the first kilometers she went just under 4:40/km behind expectations. She gradually slowed down considerably,

she crossed the finish line very disappointed in a below-average performance of 1:40:25. The effort to finish the race can be appreciated, many female competitors preferred to wrap up the race when things did not go well. The fact that Eliščina's name shines for some time, even if it is very weak for her level, serves to Eliška's credit on her home track. If the saying "once you're down, once you're up" applies, then let's hope that in 14 days in Antalya, Eliška will have a better day and will successfully fight to participate in the relay race in Paris.

Štěpánka Pohlová Kučerová received the national team jersey. Unfortunately, this gesture should have come earlier, at a time when Štěpánka was at her peak performance. Štěpánka, just like Eliška, definitely didn't have her day, but she too fought as hard as she could and bravely finished the race in 1:55:26. The Pilsen couple Bakliková - Bugárová took advantage of her bad day. Both girls walked side by side with Štěpánka for 12 km and then started to move away from Štěpánka. Bakliková overtook Bugárová in the last kilometer and won the championship silver medal in the MČR - 1:52:55. Bronze Bugárová, like her colleague, managed not only to win a medal, but also a great OR - 1:53:00. Lenka Borovičková, a veteran competitor and medalist from the recent ME Masters in Toruń, crossed the finish line in 63rd place - 2:07:56.

Although the women's race was a disappointment for the Czech colors, great things happened in the men's race.

We all know that Persy Karlström won another victory. The new track record of 1:18:22 seemed extremely easy in his delivery and, as his mum said, it was a test to see how he was doing after the winter. The best is yet to come. In his first participation, the Olympic medalist in his fifties, Canadian Evan Dunfee, who did not hide his enthusiasm for the beauty of the Poděbrady circuit and the great organization, ran out for silver. Brazil's Caio Bonfim won bronze. Even the fourth Frenchman Bordier broke the elite barrier of 1:20:00.

Pepa Photo by Honza NekulCzech fans expected a lot. For men, it was a fight for nomination to Antalya. The best from Poděbrady will get the right to fight for Olympic participation in the relay with Eliška Martínková. The championship title was also at stake, as well as a move up the rankings for the EC in Rome. Vít Hlaváč recorded a time of 1:25:50 this year, which was the OR for 20 km after years, and we were waiting to see what the young Moravians and Zajíček would show. They wanted a time around 1:24:30, which was not here for a long time, Vítek aimed for a sub 1:24:00. From the first kilometers of the race, Vítek fired up and showed how much the growing domestic competition is a huge motivation for him. Let's add the OH and it was set for an excellent performance. In the middle of the track, he had a lead of almost a minute on the duo Morávek - Zajíček, moreover in OR 41:17,1! Vítek fought and, at the age of 27, improved his OR from this year by more than 2 minutes at a great 1:23:38, despite the extremely difficult last kilometer. Such performance has not been here for over 20 years!!! Vítek rightly won the title and the opportunity to start with Eliška in the relay in Antalya. It must be said that Vítek is the best choice among our men. He is technically very confident, which can be very important in a tight fight, in addition, he is a natural long-distance skier, he has experience from a 35 km course, so he will probably be able to handle two sections of approx. 12 + 10 km better than both young men. His speed improvement is then a promise for 2025, when he returns to the WC 35 km.

Even the only 21-year-old pedestrians Moravek and Zajíček do not have to be sad. Even though they expected more and the hot day didn't suit them, they both gave an excellent performance. They went side by side for a long time, but after 13 km Zajíček started to lose and Moravek was significantly behind him. Zaječek was going through a crisis, facing stomach problems, but he fought and in the end tried to catch up with Morávek. However, Moravek defended the silver medal in his second lifetime time of 1:25:47, when he was only 23 seconds behind his best Czech U14 performance. Once again he confirmed the limit for Antalya, when the race suits him, there will be something to look forward to.

The third Zajíček, in addition to winning the bronze, could be happy about the limit for Antalya and especially the first time under 1:26:00. He broke this by 6 seconds and considering how bad he was during the race, the 1:24:00 time can be taken very seriously. If both competitors could do it already in Antalya, it would be fantastic. Our excellent trio finished fourth in MU and were only one place away from bronze! The men's team, which will be supplemented by junior Kukla for next year, is a great promise for next year's EC walking team, which will again be hosted by Podebrady.

The good news for Morávek, who was rightfully DQ in Dudince, is that, like Vítek, he received only one yellow card from the referees. It can be seen that he works a lot on the technique. Adam Zajíček then went technically perfectly, which was definitely not the case with him in the past. Well done, gentlemen.

In fourth place within the MČR, Lukáš Gdula could be satisfied with his performance. The performance of 1:28:24 is his best in 4 years. Rosťa Kolář finished fifth, Jaromír Hloch completed his first top 1 race outside the MČR and finished in 43:13:XNUMX. Malys did not finish the race, Pšenička resigned after three proposals. If he can master the technique, and I can personally say that although it is still not optimal, for me it was much better than in Dudince, he will certainly be an interesting domestic competitor. Physically he is well prepared. Although he also visited PZ in Dudince, he finished it. It was not worth it to continue on Saturday's demanding day after he was sent to PZ. Hopefully he won't be discouraged, referee Nedvídek will be happy to give him advice if he turns to him at a different moment than when the race is being decided.

ResinNot even Josef Smola, a lover of walking and a great supporter of our discipline, finished the race. Despite hard training, at his age the limit of 16 km is very demanding and, unfortunately, unrealistic in the given climatic conditions at the age of 60. It ranks 1st for combativeness*.

Subsequently, the junior girls started their race. From the beginning, Ema Klimentová was at the head of the race, with the Spaniard Ventura setting the pace. Ema started after seven kilometers and overtook the Spaniard. She achieved a great OR of 47:37 and already in Antayla she will have the opportunity to strive for further improvement and the limit for the WC in Lima (47:00). Behind her in another group was Alžběta Franklová. She was only 2 seconds behind OR from Slovakia and finished seventh with a performance of 49:20. The sum of the placements secured the victory for the girls within MU! Congratulations. Lucie Krinwaldová from Mladá Boleslav also wore the national team jersey with them. She set off sharply in the first kilometers, but her overmotivation did not pay off and the second half of the race was considerably slower. She didn't have much to lose and gave it a try. She probably won't be satisfied with the performance, but it's certainly a lesson for next time.

Even among the juniors, our fighters did well. Albert Kukla was an aspirant for the TOP 5 and even exceeded expectations. From the beginning he bravely went with the best, he fought and even though he was not enough in the end, he managed to achieve a quality personal record of 42:44 and, above all, a great third place! The winner was the Frenchman Chenuet (42:15) and the second place was taken by the German Richardt (42:21). Albert already had a certain participation in Antalya, the next target will be the effort to participate in Lima. However, the 42:00 limit is really challenging. Vojta Novák also presented himself excellently, who is in his first year among the juniors and his performance de facto copies last year's results of Kukla. He also showed personal improvement, finishing in 46th place with a time of 26:11, and their excellent performance brought our juniors silver medals among teams within MU. The French team won, the Spanish pedestrians took the bronze. Peroutka from Dukla was third in the party within the team. He gave his top ten convincingly in 54:24 and confirmed further improvement. Another junior, Gloser, also finished the race, and he too was in the top ten under 60 min - 58:32. This is gratifying, let's be aware that last year the Junior MCR was canceled because only Kukla signed up. 4 potential racers is definitely an improvement.

Fan clubThe wonderful race in Poděbrady is behind us. It brought great performances by most of the Czech representatives and domestic success between the teams. However, the success of the juniors is also a warning. Both pedestrians will move to the women's category next year and there is a big performance gap behind them. The national team coach has a difficult task to work with the other girls, we have another team championship on home soil and she watches the competitions better when we have our team there. Peroutek will be able to complement Novák if he continues to work on himself and, for example, takes advantage of Karel Ketner's offer of help.

The Poděbrady race also determined the final form of the rep team for the Turkish WC in 2 weeks.

Vít Hlaváč and Eliška Martínková will represent us in the relay, Jaromír Morávek and Adam Zajíček will represent us in the men's 20 km course. Albert Kukla, Ema Klimentová and Alžběta Franklová will start in the junior category. We wish everyone a flurry of personal performances, fulfilled limits for season peaks at various levels and, above all, an Olympic nomination for our relay team.

In Poděbrady this Saturday, a real world class of pedestrians will meet at the start!

The biggest favorites to win the main 20km race are among the men Perseus Karlström, Canadian Evan Dunfee, South Americans - Doctor, Palma and Olivas Núñez (MEX), Barrondo (Gua), Caio Bonfin (Bra), Italian Fortunato, Irish Kenny, German Linke, Finnish Partanen and French Quinion. Then among women South American women - González (MEX), Garcia (Peru), Morejón (ECZ), Lyra (BRA), there will be Italian women led by Olympic champion Palmisano, who repeatedly won in Poděbrady, great French women Beretta and Stey.


flagsOn Saturday 6.4. the Poděbrady spa colonnade will welcome Czech and international pedestrians. The Poděbrady Golden Race, one of the most important world races, will take place for the 92nd time! Two years ago the competitors faced very low temperatures (2º), this year, it seems, the situation will be completely opposite, the weather forecast says 25º!

The year 2024 is an Olympic year, so one of the world's fastest circuits has attracted a large number of competitors. The walking judges (including Messrs. Nedvídek and Lapka) and the organizing team under the baton of Jan Rein have a very demanding job ahead of them.

Competitors will fight for the best possible times, success in the interstate competition (MU) CZE - ESP - FIN - FRA - HUN - LTU - SVK and not only Czech championship titles in 20 km walking.

The races will start at 11:00 a.m. with a 3km race in the U16 category. 6 Czech pupils will start, the biggest favorite is still pedestrian novice Hynek Svoboda, Karel Ketner's protégé.

There will be significantly more female students at the start, 16 girls from the Czech Republic and Slovakia signed up. The biggest favorite is Slovakian Pernická with a performance of sub 15 min, among our girls there are medalists from the indoor MČR Vaňková, Maják and Zvonková.

At 11:30, the participants of the 5 km race will start their race. There will be 11 pupils among the 4 teenagers from 5 countries. Slovaks Rosenbaum and Bátovský are among the biggest favourites, Mochal from Liberec will fight for third place. There will also be other Czech newcomers among the teenagers - Plecháček, Rösler and Vejvančický, who together with Rösler will strive for the first time under 25 minutes.

There will be 19 teenagers from 5 countries at the start, of which 7 will be Czech walkers. All the medalists from the MČR - Dojčárová, Říhová and Kokořová - will be at the start again. However, the Spaniard Vega Gonzales will probably fight for a medal with one of the Slovaks - Kusá or Zámečníková.

Masters athletes will also be present at the start. 9 veteran women will be joined by junior Kyselicová, there will be 35 men. The start of the 5 km race will be truly impressive, with 75 walkers and walkers!

2dc3f186 ed8c 4aa7 b424 9136ef7da972 file dsc00997At 12:10, 20 women will start their 89 km race.

In the Czech team, MU's biggest contender for the Czech title will appear Eliška Martínková. She should not have competition at home on this track, despite the tenth start from the WC in Budapest Tereza Ďurdiaková.  Eliška already showed a time of 1:30:08 this year and she is waiting for the ME and OH. Tereza is definitely not a slow 35-something, although she specialized in 2 km, she has 1 times of 31:00:XNUMX on her account, and we'll see if she can make up for last year's unsuccessful performance in Poděbrady. He will be the third in the party within MU Štěpánka Pohlová Kučerová. She will wear the national team jersey for the first time. However, others will strive for bronze from the Czech Republic - Bugárová with Bakliková or Petříková. 6 Czechs will take part in the championship race, two more - Borovičková, Pitnerová then they start within the meeting.

The biggest favorites are to be found among the South American women - González (MEX), Garcia (Peru), Morejón (ECZ), Lyra (BRA), there will be Italian women led by Olympic champion Palmisano, who repeatedly won in Poděbrady, great French women Beretta and Stey. The Spaniards have already selected the team for the WC Walking Teams in Antalya, so the second performance group will arrive. Martínková will also want to show herself among the best, but she will face a very tough race.

Zajda Jarda the Great At 15:00 p.m., the most numerous starting field sets off. 107 men applied.

As part of MU, the trio got a chance Hlaváč - Moravek - Hare. This year, Hlaváč has already passed OR just under 1:25:50, and in the fight, the Czech title speaks for him of experience and a certain technique. Zajíček presented himself excellently in Dudincé, and Moravek, who did well in Bécescaba, will also strive for a place in OR. The men are not only fighting for the title and ranking points as part of the effort to get to the EC in Rome, but also for the chance to fight for the Olympic Games in Antalya as part of the relay. Allegedly, the fastest Czech 1-timer is scheduled to compete in Antalya with Martínková to compete for the Olympics. Antalya already has a certain Morávek and perhaps also Hlaváč, if the limit of 27:00:23 applied for him as well. After all, Hlaváč is older and the conditions for UXNUMX competitors (Morávek, Zajíček) tend to be milder.

Another 6 Czech walkers will take part in the race - Kolář, Gdula and Malysa within the MČR, Bad luck, Hippo and now a registered athlete Wheat then they will start as part of the WA meeting.

Among the biggest favorites are Perseus Karlström, Canadian Evan Dunfee, South Americans - Doctor, Palma and Olivas Núñez (MEX), Barrondo (Gua), Caio Bonfin (Bra), Italian Fortunato, Irish Kenny, German Linke, Finnish Partanen and French Quinion.

Due to the names mentioned above, we are waiting for a walk of the greatest extra class and there is something to look forward to.

The race day will be closed by the U20 male and female athletes' competitions. The junior women's race will start at 17:00. Among the 29 competitors, Ema Klimentová (this year 48:30), Alžběta Franklová (this year 49:18) and Lucie Krinwaldová will join the Czech team. Among the biggest favorites are the Spanish walkers, our juniors could mainly fight for a quality place in the team competition, although third place is also achievable in individuals, given the performance of Klimentová and possibly Franklová. The limit for the World Cup U20 in Lima hangs in the air.

Klimentova VelkýThe race of 26 juniors will start at 17:20 and this time the Czech team will also be at the start. Kukla (44:02) is already certain of the start in Antalya, but he is certainly eager for further improvement. He will be joined by Vojta Novák (47:15), who also has room for further improvement. Duklák Peroutka will walk his first 10 km. Apart from MU, the Hradec junior Gloser will also join the top ten.

The biggest favorite is the bearer of the famous pedestrian name, the German European U18 and U20 champion Weigel. The Spaniards will try to make the race uncomfortable for him, the Slovak Krestianko is not without a chance either, and our Kukla could also make it to the top 5 runners.

This year's Poděbrady, whatever the performance of our walkers, is already very positive for Czech walking. In contrast to last year, when we did not field a complete team except for the junior girls, the situation is different. Many athletes got the chance to start in the national team just as part of the addition to the team, and that's how it should be on home soil. Last year's dismal participation in Poděbrady and the performance of the nominees was scandalous compared to the subsequent World Cup in mountain running in Tyrol, which certainly cannot be evaluated as successful. 14 male and female runners started there, at the home ME there were 7 people! I wish this year's Poděbrady would show a new way, when we can defend the start of athletes at home with de facto zero costs. Where else can young male and female athletes gain experience, for whom other than the Czech competitors, all the helpers work hard all day long? We want to see domestic athletes at the start and it is gratifying to see complete Czech teams.

We wish all competitors, whether in a rep jersey or a team jersey, beautiful races that they will remember fondly.

For those who do not have time to arrive at the Poděbrady colonnade, the traditional quality stream of ČAS will be available. 

In Békéscsaba, Hungary, Jarda Morávek won not only the fight for the Czech 20km championship title in Poděbrady (MČR, Poděbrady, April 1, 26), but also the opportunity to start at the Olympics in Paris in the mixed team relay ( Marathon Race Walk Relay!!!


On Sunday 24.3. Hungarian Bécescaba hosted the pedestrian meeting. Pedestrians in Hungary were greeted by cold weather and strong winds. This race was also the Hungarian championship of different age categories. The shortest distance was 5 km U 16, then 20 km awaited the adult category.

A very traditional meeting would certainly deserve a higher participation. In addition to the local ones, some Romanian and Slovak competitors took part in the race. The Czech flag was not missing from the start list, it represented our colors Jaromir Moravian, a competitor from Pilsen, who is being trained by the Czech record holder for the 20 km distance, Jiří Malys.

Bekecsaba 2024The race in Dudince really didn't go well for Jard, who had a technical problem in the second half and came to Bécescaba for repairs.

Due to the low number of starters, Jarda went alone from the first meters. The leading group of Venyercsán - Hélebrandt - Tóth is still somewhere else in terms of performance, and Jarda sensibly ran his own race.

The pair Venyercsán - Hélebrandt soon Tóth was overtaken and at the finish line the competitors were separated by only 2 seconds. - 1:21:42/4. In the end, the obviously suffering Tóth, who we know thanks to last year's Hodinovka Pepa Smola, where he set a course record and 10 km sub 42 min, managed a significant OR - 1:23:23 and can look forward to the start of the EC in Rome with enthusiasm.

Moravek, 2 years younger, had 2 tasks ahead of him. Handle the strictly set bar of the judges and if possible try to meet the unofficial limit for the WC Walking Teams in Antalya (1:27:00). Yes, the official limit was not set, but the unofficial limit was definitely not set low. Although Morávek has an OR from last year's Espoo of 1:25:33, which is the best Czech performance in the U23 category, it is also the only performance when he got below the 1:27:00 mark, so he approached the limit with respect. Totally pointless. 10 km with an intermediate time of 42:30 suggested that the limit should not be a problem. The competitor was instructed to walk relaxed and save energy, which he fulfilled, he slowed down and at the finish line he could still rejoice at his second best performance of 1:26:18 and with an overview of the fulfilled limit.

The fact that most of the onlookers praised the significant improvement in the technical performance is also positive, and if Jarda keeps the settings from Hungary, we obviously have a lot to look forward to in Poděbrady.

The trio Hlaváč - Morávek - Zajíček (arranged alphabetically) will most likely offer us a wonderful fight not only for the Czech title, but also the opportunity to start in the relay with Eliška Martínková and fight for the Olympics.

By the way, the judges in Hungary were very active, the Romanian competitors preferred to withdraw from the race to avoid DQ, the first 3 competitors collected 1-2 cards and Moravek also received one red. However, his improvement was also evident on the improvised stream initiated by Nortbert Tóth on his Facebook.

After the past weekend, Martínková, Klimentová, Franklová, Hlaváč and Morávek should definitely start in Antalya. Zaječek has not yet met the limit, but his technically confident performance from Dudinci shows that even for him the limit should be a mere formality. No one would be surprised, and we would be very happy, if both young men would fight with the 1:25:00 mark this year and once again improve Moravka's best Czech performance in the U23 category last year. If Vít Hlaváč were to join them, who already improved his OR for 20 km just in Dudince (1:25:50), it would be a wonderful promise for the next EC in Poděbrady 2025.

The running and walking section of ČAS, under the auspices of national coach Jan Pernici, announces the 2nd annual walking competition "For the cup of M.D. Petr Brandejský" 2024.

N.I.K. 8104The competition is international, open to pedestrians of all categories from youth to MASTERS competitors M80+ and W80+

For the 2024 season, the cup includes the following races:

6.4.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX Walking races at the international Podebrady Walking meeting 

1.5.2024 Děčín – Hřensko – Děčín (Děčín track)

1.6.2024 Prague – Brandýs (Praha-Satalice circuit)

22.6.2024 Walking holiday (Rumburk)

19.10.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX Prague clock

26.10.2024 Lusatian International Race Walking Zittau and ceremonial announcement of results

Performances achieved in races will be evaluated with points so that age categories and track lengths are comparable. Scoring will be done according to the Geherpokal tables: SCORING TABLES. By Udo Schäffer. A maximum of 5 best performances of each participant will be included in the overall results.

There is no need to register for the competition in advance, male and female competitors will be automatically included when they participate in any race of the series.

The ongoing status of the competition will be published on the website



The ceremonial announcement of the competition will take place after the end of the last race of the series on 26.10.2024 October 5 in Žitav, the 5 most successful competitors from the female categories and XNUMX from the male categories (regardless of age) will be announced.

Competition coordinator and detailed information:

František Párys e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to have Javascript enabled. phone: +420 732 746 808

Tschechische Leichtathletikverband – Abteilung Laufen und Gehen unter der Schirmherrschaft vom Nationaltrainer Jan Pernica verkündet 2.Jahrgang der Wettkampfsserie um "MUDr. Petr Brandejsky - Pokal" 2024

DSC 0289Der Wettkampf ist international und open für alle Geherinnen und Geher der Alterkategorien von JUGENDLICHEN bis MASTERS M/W80+.

Im Jahr 2024 gehören folgende Gehwettkämpfe in die Pokalbewertung:

6.4.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX Walking races at the international Podebrady Walking meeting 

1.5.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX Děčín – Hřensko – Děčín (Tartanbahn Děčín)

1.6.2024 Prague – Brandýs (Rundkurs asphaltiert in Prag-Satalice, not in Brandys!)

22.6.2024 Tag des Gehensports (Rumburk)

19.10.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX Pragbahngehen

26.10.2024 Lusatian International Race Walking Meeting Zittau (Asphaltrunde) - inclusive finale Pokalauswertung und Siegerehrung 

Bewertung aller Parteilnemen und deren Ergebnisse gemäss der Pointtabelle von dem Geherpokal : POINTLISTE . Author Udo Schäffer. Die besten maximum 5 Ergebnisse pro Tehligmen werden werden in die Bewertung gecherchent.

Anmeldung in die Pokalbewertung ist nicht necessary, alle Parteilmen der og Wettkämpfe werden automatisch bewertung.

Ergebnisse und Pokalbewertung werden auf folgenden Internetseiten durchlaufend published:



Finale Pokalbewertung und Siegerehrung werden nach dem lastzen Wettkampf am 26.10.2024 in Zittau gewertungen. Es werden ersten 5 Frauen und ersten 5 Männer Im Rahmen der Ceremonie in Zittau auf der Podeste bewertung (independent of age!) 

Pokalkoordinator und detailiertere Info:

František Párys, E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to have Javascript enabled. Mobile: +420 732 746 808

Zdenek Pepa


53178333578 1991ac3866 o The GreatDear Sportswomen and Sportsmen,

wir laden herzlich zum Gehsport-Trainingslager in Monthey (Schweiz), vom 2. to 8. September 2024 one. Egal ob Anfänger oder erfahren Gehsportler, alle ab 15 Jahren sind willkommen. Bei minderjährigen Teilheimnen (unter 18 Jahren) wird um die Einverständniserklärung der Erziehungsberechtigten gebeten. Eine Vereinszugehörigkeit ist keine Voraussetung.

Daily training program:

  • Vormittags: Technik- und Basistraining in der Gruppe
  • Afternoons: Individuelles Training nach eigenem Plan und Befinden

Abschluss mit traditional Wettkämpfen in Monthey:

  • Samstag, September 7: Bahngehen (5.000m and 10.000m)
  • Sunday, September 8: Berggehen (8km)

Teilhänge an den Wettkämpfen requires Vereinszugehörigkeit.

Important information:

  • Overnight: Details will be announced at the end of July
  • Cost: Also available at the end of July


Bitte teilt euer vorerst unverbindliches Interesse until July 5, 2024 per email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to have Javascript enabled. have. This makes planning easier and supports us in determining costs. Die Anmeldung für die Wettkämpfe kann zu einem späteren Seinkut über swisswalking.org respectively.

Wir freuen uns auf eine spannenden und sportliche Zeit in der wunderschönen Schweiz!

Sporty greetings,

iA Bianca Maria Dittrich

(Athletin und Übungsleiterin)

53178284275 3bf27d390a o BigDear athletes,

We cordially invite you to a pedestrian training camp in Monthey (Switzerland), from 2 to 8 September 2024. It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced walker, everyone from 15 years old is welcome. For participants under the age of 18, we ask for the written consent of the legal representative. Sectional (club) membership is not a condition.

Daily training program:

  • Morning: Technique and basic training in a group
  • Afternoon: Individual training according to your own plan and feelings

Ending the camp with a traditional walking race in in Monthey:

  • on Saturday, September 7, 2024: walking on the track (5.000m and 10.000m)
  • on Sunday, September 8, 2024: mountain walk (8km)

Section (club) membership is required for participation in walking races.

Important information:

  • Bed: Details will be finalized at the end of July 2024
  • Costs - price: It will be available at the end of July 2024


Interested parties are requested to communicate preliminary non-binding interest at the latest  until July 5, 2024 by email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to have Javascript enabled. . This will facilitate our planning and help with cost calculations. Applications for the above walking races can be delivered later to: swisswalking.org.

We look forward to exciting sports experiences in beautiful Switzerland!

With a sporting greeting,

iA Bianca Maria Dittrich

(Athlete and training camp leader)

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Excellent performance by Adam Zajíček at 10 km - 41:24 min (PB) and very good performances by Czech juniors Klimentová and Franklová on the same track!! The premiere of the Czech marathon relays and the setting record of the Czech Republic was surprisingly created by the veteran pair Pohlová-Kučerová / Kolář - 3:42:04!! In the juvenile categories, Daniel Mochal gave an excellent performance at 5 km - 23:19 min (PB), in the 3 km class, Hynek Svoboda dominated in a great time 14:41 min (PB), another ward of the successful coach Karel Ketner.

He was very negatively surprised by the bad surface of the race track (even the lack of marking of these irregularities on the track!!!) - how can this be a Gold Level Meeting - just a tradition??? Appalling.      


IMG 2338On Saturday 16.3. the Slovak spa town of Dudince hosted the 43rd edition of the Dudinská 50. This time, the organizers prepared a new circuit with a length of 1 km. The circuit was significantly more favorable for pedestrians, unfortunately the asphalt surface has had its best years behind it and the golden meeting of the Pedestrian Tour deserves to be repaved. 185 male and female walkers from all over the world lined up for the start of their race, along with 4 relay teams.

The races were watched by 3 Olympic winners. Josef Pribilinec, Matěj Tóth found their way to the circuit, and the best world walker of all time, Robert Korzeniowski, brought the Polish youth athletes. 

The longest race of the day was the relay race. Among the 4th teams were 2 from the Czech Republic. The race was clearly dominated by the Greek relay team. With a performance of 3:18:38, Greece ranked 17th in the reduced world ranking. The second Croatians faced 5 reds and withstood the penalty for 5 minutes, with a performance of 3:34:02 they won a convincing second place. A big fight was going on for the third position. The relay team consisting of Malysa - Bugárová played for a long time in prim. The veteran couple Kolář - Pohlová Kučerová (photo on the left) started more cautiously, losing 6 seconds after the first section. Even after the second handover, the younger pair of Malysa - Bugárová led, and during her second leg, Malysa tried to gain a decisive lead for her partner. At 29 km they were already leading by more than half a minute, but at that moment Kolář pulled away and literally swept past Malysa during one circuit and sent Pohlová with almost a minute's lead into the last section. Štěpánka continued to increase the lead, and so the veteran competitors managed to take 3rd place and at the finish line they could celebrate the established Czech record of 3:42:04. The performance still needs to be approved by TIME, but nothing should stand in the way of that. The pair Bugárová - Malysa finished the race in 3:44:43.

In the end, only 3 walkers lined up for the start of the 35 km race. Caporaso won convincingly, whose performance of 2:34:44 is this year's best world performance. Most of the walkers, however, will not prepare for the fast thirty-five until after the Olympics.

Adam Zajíček clearly dominated the 10 km race. Although he wanted a slightly better performance himself, the convincing victory and performance of 41:24 is an improvement from last year by almost 50 seconds. In addition, Adam went very clean indeed and his performance was flawless. An excellent promise towards the race in Poděbrady. Jaromír Morávek kept pace with him for the first 4 km, but then he started to lose, and by then he quickly took the solid technical performance for granted and Morávek was rightfully disqualified.


IMG 2339

Among the juniors, the Mexican Barba won with a performance of 42:06. In 5th place, Albert Kukla reached a huge personal record with a technically perfect style. The time of 44:02 is an improvement of more than 2 minutes and above all moved Albert to the Walking Team WC in Antalya. Although the limits were not officially listed, a condition of 44:30 was given off the record. The ease with which Albert flew through the track suggests that he could already get under 44 minutes in Poděbrady. The Bunny with the Pupa is an excellent business card of Coach Ketner. Another Czech pedestrian, a first-year junior, Vojtěch Novák from Frýdek, finished in 11th place. Coach Nejezchleb's protege also significantly improved last year's time and scored 47:15 at the beginning of the year! Great.

IMG 2340Among the women, Michaela Bakliková finished fifth in the 10 km, she also improved last year's personal record by almost a minute - 53:36. Vivien Uvírová then finished in 59:27, when she got under the one hour mark for the first time!

Among the juniors, Ema Klimentová took silver. She lost 2 minutes to the winner Cortes from Mexico and was not satisfied with her performance of 48:35. In reality, however, there is no need to be sad. OR from last year's Poděbrady 48:15 was unique, in the entire 2023 season she competed at a level of approx. 50 min. So far this year, she has competed in Turkey and Slovakia, and in both races she went 48:30. The performance has de facto stabilized just below the OR level and when everything comes together, there will be a significant improvement. However, Ema has to work a lot on her technical performance, as she faced 2 red cards last year in Poděbrady, and if she wants to think about better performances, she needs to improve her technique.

For the first time under 50 minutes, another coach Čermáková - Alžběta Franklová managed to finish in the large OR. She performed 49:18 with a concentrated performance and, above all, a technically sure step. Bravo!

Both juniors said they would start in Antalya. 

Czech walking also had its representatives at a distance of 5 km. Daniel Mochal also recorded an improvement, the time 23:19 is excellent for his age. However, it is also necessary to work on the technical implementation. For the first time under 25 minutes, Ondřej Plecháček came in fourth place (24:25) and the third teenager Vojtěch Vejvančický showed a performance of 25:35 OR. All three teenagers have just transferred from the pupil category and we can look forward to their further improvement already in Poděbrady.

Among the teenagers, Eliška Říhová from Frýdek (6th - 27:26) and Dojčárová from Pilsen (8th - 27:42) achieved significant OR.

Another protégé of Karel Ketner, Hynek Svoboda, secured the victory for the Czech Republic at a distance of 3 km. In his third walking race, he already got under 15 min - 14:41 and improved from the hall by 2 minutes. Hynek runs excellently, but walking really suits him. Miroslav Myška (16:04) from Frýdek won the silver, also in OR.

Noemi Maják from Kadana finished sixth among the students, and she also showed a performance shift against the hall - 16:35. Zvonková (17:29) and Krasulová (18:01) also achieved the best performances.

The most anticipated race of the day was the start of the 20km distance.

In the women's race, Peruvian Kimberly García Leon took the start, but withdrew from the race after 2 km due to injury. She was well represented by compatriot Evelyn Inga in the world performance of 1:27:42. The first 4 female competitors got under the 90 minute mark. For the fifth place, in the second time of her career and with the limit fulfilled for the European Championships, the domestic Czaková finished. She thus secured the OH and the mother of little Alex can look forward to another start under the five rings. The Slovakians did well overall, Burzalová got under 1:33, Žárská showed the first really solid top XNUMX. In the end, Eliška Martínková did not take part in the race and in Dudince she only cheered on her training colleagues.

The men's race got off to a more relaxed start and no one would bet on a significant break of the 1:20:00 mark midway through the race. In the second half, however, the pedestrians accelerated significantly and the Peruvian Rodríguez managed to win in a national record of 1:19:41. The Ecuadorian Pintado was only 3 seconds behind and the Indian Baboo took third place in 1:20:00. Dominik Černý demonstrated a huge improvement in Zitava's performance in 4th place. The best Slovak walker with a time of 1:20:31 ranked among the wider world leaders. Other Slovaks also did well, Úradník finished in 1:22:34. Morvay also showed a significant performance shift - 1:24:25. The Slovaks are moving up both in the Olympic ranking and in the one for the EC in Rome, and the performance of all three fighters can only be envied by the Czechs.

Several Czechs also took part in the race. Vít Hlaváč was the most successful. He came back in great form from last year's injury and opened the season with a performance of 1:25:50, which is his personal best and the first time he managed to get under 1:26:00. The OH relay is a great motivation for our pedestrians, the fight between Zajíček and Hlaváč and maybe even Morávek will be a big attraction of the race in Poděbrady. The speed improvement of the twenty-seven-year-old pedestrian is a promise for the 35 km track, which will again be on the program at the 2025 WC in Japan.

Lukáš Gdula, who has been doing more cycling lately, also took part in the race and finished 32nd with a performance of 1:37:06. Jakub Pšenička, a competitor from the Czech Republic, finished in 33rd place. Apparently, he is a cross-country skier who is training with coach Piták. He showed a performance of 1:39:47 and a very uncertain technical performance. It is surprising that he was allowed to start. This is not a registered ČAS or WA athlete. If he wants to continue walking, he will have to take care of all the necessary details. At the moment, his performance cannot be counted as a fulfilled limit for Czech championship races.

Dudinská 50 is behind us. It was a beautiful race and, unlike last year, we can say that our walkers came well prepared. A flood of personal records or very good personal performances. New experiences for international referee Nedvídek. And the praise of the Zittau organizers for the kind of race they built during the first two years from the representative of World Athletics Pierce O' Callaghan. All this was brought to us by the Slovakian stop of the World Walking Tour.

We can look forward to the next stop on April 6 in Poděbrady!