PODĚBRADY WALKING 90th April 2 / 2022th edition 90 April 2 - START LIST 

Startovní listiny / Start List Poděbrady Walking 2022.pdf 


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The competitors marked in red were not selected due to non-compliance with the ČAS participation limit announced in the propositions of the Czech men's 20 km walking championship.

There are few of us and there will be even fewer of us !!! In Rumburk 25 years ago, about 20 competitors went 60 km to the Czech Championships. Only 4 are allowed now !!! It's a mess. The result of union work and walking care in a quarter of a century ... and those who still want to go will be deleted by the office. None of the deleted would embarrass the MČR. All experienced pedestrians ...... Recalculate the costs of this event with the number of Czech competitors ........  

Paradox: you can go 20km to the World Team Championships in 2: 20h and you will still be applauded for it, you will not start at the World Championships if you do not have a limit of 1:55 ........ Result = 4 guys allowed to start. This is an all-time low and even fewer men than women. Czech pedestrians will soon be seen only in the reservation ...........

It's a really sad story. Veterans also go to EP and SP for more than 2 hours and WA and no one mind ...... it would be enough to not limit the 15km at 1:30 am and not to list the nomination criteria, or to tie them to the league tracks. At the time of marathons, people crawl calmly for 7 hours, which is over half an hour for a half marathon (21 km), but walking "slowly" suddenly bothers me terribly. Why maybe?

MČR in walking for 20km - seznam.pdf

Walking of legends within the walking races Poděbrady Walking April 2, 2022

podebradyDear walking fans,

The traditional Poděbrady 2022 plant is approaching this Saturday, April 2.

And within it in 12:15 Start of walking legends, march for health - 1 km, that is, in essence the main plant

They start: Everyone who has completed the race, whether from Prague to Poděbrady or later any track on the colonnade and has a relationship with Poděbrady with their heart, it is also in the slogan of the city "Poděbrady is at heart"

Category: Legends

Jersey: Custom

Decision-making: According to the rules of fair play, and since the legends do not need referees, there will be none on the track, I will only be waiting for you at the finish without a red target, of course.

Timekeeper: will run at the gate continuously

Rewards: Applause from viewers and fans on television

Warming up: In the park or in the adjacent restaurant areas, depending on the current form

World Record Registration: Personal

Refreshments: At the finish and at the start according to TP WA

Protests: Not accepted

I will be looking forward to you, and if you want, watched other races, you are most welcome.

Find out more at  https://www.podebrady-walking.cz/propozice

Mila Lapka


DSC 8258 55. Olom. 20 South American pedestrians on the podiumPROPOSITIONS.pdf / DESCRIPTION.pdf

Reports for Dutch athletes: 

from 4.April 2022 to 13.April 2022, under email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to have Javascript enabled.


AK Olomouc, 17.listopadu 1139/3, CZ-77900 Olomouc, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to have Javascript enabled., telephone CZ: +420 585 224 676 Plant director David Uhlíř: +420 737 572 927

Accommodation - Hotel Flora, as follows:

Krapkova 439/34, 779 00 OLOMOUC www: hotelflora.cz, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to have Javascript enabled., tel .: + 420 585 422 200

Room bookings are only guaranteed by email and telephone or booking, and prices are not guaranteed.

Name: "Olomouc20".

SGK 1300 CZK, TWIN 1700 CZK incl. Breakfast, parking: 100 CZK per night

RACE WALKING 2022, Saturday 2 APRIL 2022 / Saturday, day 2 APRIL 2022 / PODĚBRADY

podebradypodebrady map of tracks 2022 Velky
























Race schedule / Wettbewerbe / Zeitplan / Saturday 2 April 22 / Saturday, 2 April 22:

9:30 Start of the 5 km walk (youth, veterans) / Start 5 km Jugende, MASTERS  

10:00 - 12:00 Athletics for children / Athletik für Kinder

10:15 Start of the school youth running race (1 - 2 km) / Schulenlauf

11:00 Announcement U18 and youth, veterans / Siegerehrung U18, Jugende und MASTERS

12:15 Start of walking legends, march for health - 1 km / Einlagebewerb für Legenden

12:45 Opening Ceremony / Eröffnungszeremonie

13:00 - 16:00 Athletics for children / Athletik für Kinder

13:00 Start of the 20 km race, women / Start 20km Frauen

15:00 Start of the 20 km race, men / Start 20km Männer

15:15 Announcement of the 20 km race, women / Siegerehrung 20km Frauen

16:45 Announcement of the 20 km race, men / Siegerehrung 20km Männer

17:00 Start of the race for 10 km walk, juniors / Start 10km Juniorinnen

17:20 Start of the 10 km walk, juniors / Start 10km Juniors

18:30 Announcement of the junior category race / Siegerehrung Juniorenbewerben



Race Walking Championships 2022 - MASTERS 10km - Results

Muscat 2022The first athlete to reappear was Dmitry Babenko M45 of Canada. He and Rodrigo Moreno Munar of Columbia M55 and Jay Prakash of India M35 had 2K splits almost the same at 10:35 minutes. The top seven finishers, who were all male, finished within 1 hour. The first woman to cross the finish line was Marina Cavello W55 of Greece who finished beside her walking mate Dimitrios Kelepouris M55 in a time of just over 1:02. All the top walkers had very consistent splits. The splits were recorded at each kilometer mark.

The second and third women to cross the finish line were: Marina Crivello of Canada W40, and Heather Carr W70 of Australia. Both had a very fluid walking style.

The oldest man to finish did it in an incredible time of 1:01:53. Andrew Jamieson M75 is a multi record and award winner from Australia.

All finishers were thankful for the opportunity to compete on the world stage. Some when interviewed complained about the slope of the course and the heat still radiating up from the pavement.

There was a full complement of officials counting laps and the Seiko matts recorded all splits at the finish line and out on the course.

The Mixed Team Awards was dominated by our new Iranian race walkers, winning third in age 35+ division, second in 50+ and first in 60+. The fastest mixed team was 35+ Team Canada made up of Marina Crivello and Dmitry Babenko with a total time of 1: 55.29.

Three CanadiansMASTERS Results

 Walking tables in the Czech Republic - 2022 incl. MČR MASTERS Ostrava, ME MASTERS Braga and Berlin

Schoolgirl older than 3 m walking in the hall         

16: 01.39h 1 Viktorie BARTOŇOVÁ 08 TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, zs Praha-Stromovka 1302

16: 21.11h 1 Ostrava 2301

16: 01.65h 2 Eliška KOKOŘOVÁ 07 TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, zs Praha-Stromovka 1302

17: 06.31h 3 Kateřina HROMÁDKOVÁ 08 SK Vrchlabí "SK" Praha-Stromovka

17: 48.88h MS Jablonec nad Nisou 2901

18: 44.50 3 Jablonec nad Nisou 0902       

17: 30.21h 4 Michaela BOBOKOVÁ 07 TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, zs Praha-Stromovka 1302

18: 37.96 2 Ostrava 2301

17: 44.69h 5 Viktorie VANKOVA 09 TJ Slezan Frydek-Mistek, zs Praha-Stromovka 1302 ML

17: 56.47h 6 Hana PETRUŠKOVÁ 08 TJ Slezan Frýdek-Místek, zs Praha-Stromovka 1302

19: 18.24h 3 Ostrava 2301

19: 04.08h 7 Ema KOUDELKOVÁ 08 SK Vrchlabí "SK" Praha-Stromovka 1302

19: 34.36 5 Jablonec nad Nisou 0902

20: 19.06 MS Jablonec nad Nisou 2901

19: 24.37h 8 Lucie REICHSTEINOVÁ 07 SK Vrchlabí "SK" Praha-Stromovka 13

19: 25.20h 9 Nela SKUPIEŇOVÁ 07 AK Šternberk zs Praha-Stromovka 1302

20: 14.44h 5 Ostrava 2301

20: 47.28h 6 Karolina BRAZDILOVA 07 TJ Slezan Frydek-Mistek, zs Ostrava 2301