Victory Morvaye and Martincé in personal records or Prague - Brandýs in Satalice 22.4.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX

Author of the article: Lucie Nekulová / Authors of photographs: Honza Nekula, Miriam Stewartová


On a sunny and hot Saturday, the next league round was hosted by the AC Praha 1890 athletics club in the Arborka forest park in Prague's Satalice. After the rainy days, the sun appeared and the pedestrians experienced real summer weather against the cold Holešov/Rumburek and windy Olomouc. 20º, bright sunshine and a beautiful, but demanding course, tested the strength of more than a hundred competitors perfectly.

Morvay the GreatDue to the number of competitors and the capacity of the track, the previously planned joint start of men and women was split into two waves. Men were the first to start. There were 58 of them at the start. Immediately after the start, as expected, he went to the front of the race Slovak Olympian Michal Morvay, on whose back our participants of the Olympic competitions breathed. The first of the group dropped out Lukáš Gdula (both Hvězda Pardubice), after the first circuit Morvay started to build a lead even on Vít Hlaváč. Unfortunately, Vítek did not reach the finish line. Around the finish line, 3,5 km from the race, he quite rightly withdrew due to pain in the back thigh muscle. The legs were suffering on the demanding course, and a senseless continuation of the race could easily cause a longer-term injury. For Vítek, who needs to fulfill the confirmation performance for the WC in Budapest (2:36:00) in Poděbrady during the EC, there was actually no other choice.

Michal Morvay managed a commanding victory in start-finish style in the new OR - 41:53. After a not-so-successful start to the season, when he struggled after returning from the training camp in Colombia, hopefully the Satal victory will help him jump on a successful wave. The second crossed the finish line Lukáš Gdula (45:03).

From the beginning, a group went around for the Olympians Alberta Kukly (SK Jeseniova). This year, improving with every race, the junior made no secret of his ambitions for further improvement of the OR and the effort to break the limit for the ME in Poděbrady (46:00). Jaromir Morávek (Škoda Plzeň) and Adam Zajíček (Atletika Poruba) decided to the training fellow in the attack on the help limit. The first from the group was the suffering Rosťa Kolář (SK Hranice), who is having difficulty absorbing this year's demanding schedule. The veteran also let the boys go later Martin Nedvidek and Karel Ketner's wards were already left alone to fulfill the limit.

It must be said that sometimes the boys' efforts were exaggerated, serving sponges and drinking do not belong in the race at all, but the track and the conditions were very demanding. In the end, the limit was resisted by 12 seconds, when Moravek crossed the finish line in third place with Kukla fourth in the same time, with Adam Zajíček a second behind them. Albert Kukla improved again by more than a minute and if he doesn't get an opportunity in Poděbrady, it will only be a shame. Currently, we do not have another junior who would be able to attack the 45-minute mark on the fast track in Poděbrady. It is not easy to build a team, but the race is held at home, so 12 seconds is nothing that should be an obstacle to his start. The motivation and experience for the future would certainly be huge.

A total of 50 men got under the 9-minute mark, and another 15 broke the 60-minute mark.

Bad luck goal Big

10 minutes after the start of the men's race, the women also set off to meet ten challenging kilometers. Unfortunately, the group of female competitors de facto blocked the track for the passing men for a while, and not only the group around Albert Kukla had no choice but to shout indiscriminately at the ladies and gentlemen and fight for a place. Next time, it would be much better to let the women start 3 minutes after the start of the men's race, in order to maintain the permeability of the track, but splitting the start was a very good move by the organizers.

IMG 7129 Martínková startRight from the start, she flew into a leading position Eliška Martínková (USK Prague). She started the race in style and gradually caught up with Lukáš Gdula. In the end, Eliška finished the race in a new OR of 45:03, with which she equaled the performance of Lukáš, who started 10 minutes earlier, for a second. With this performance, she moved to fifth place in the Czech long-term charts ahead of Czech walking legend Dana Vavřačová.

Thanks to the pedestrian heaven Mudr for the opportunity to find historical performances. To Brandejska and the owner of this website, because Pepo doesn't have it saved, I won't come to the value of Eliščina's excellent performance.

Junior girls fought for more medals Ema Klimentová and Alžběta Franklová (both AK Olymp Brno). About 2 laps before the finish line, Ema Klimentová joined Alžběta again and reached the finish line with more than a minute's lead in 51:12. Alžběta Franklová crossed the finish line in 52:24. Behind them, another of this year's traditional generation races took place Pohlová - Bakliková - Bugárová. And once again, Štěpánka Pohlová - Kučerová (TJ Sokol Hradec Králové) was on top. However, the duo from Pilsen continues their performance progress and both take home from Satalic OR. The Slovakian couple still managed to wedge themselves in between them Czaková - Kurucová, when Czaková, returning after giving birth, was pulling the race for a training colleague a generation younger. For the OR improved by 19s against the track Rumburk, you ran out Johan Petříková which, like Plzeňačky, has been riding a wave of personal records since the beginning of the year. Considering the performance in Olomouc (sub 1:58) and the demandingness of the Satalice track, he will certainly see further improvement in the season.

60 of the 13 competitors who took part in the race got under 40 minutes.

Ondřej Plecháček (AC Turnov) won the additional 5km race with a performance of 28:05.

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that the race was definitely not without problems. The misplacement of the lap timer board was one of the main problems. At the finish line, many competitors hesitated whether to continue or not, because no one reported the last lap to them and they could not see the timers on the board. However, as shown in the results of individual lap times, all competitors calculated well even in the heat, no one missed laps and the hesitation was more about the fact that there was no one at the finish line to report the last lap. a goal that the competitors are used to.

famous men

The next league round is behind us and the competitors will have a well-deserved rest after the hectic start to the season.

Photos from the race:,_Satalice_2023

the Great arch

About the Wise Cup. Petr Brandejský / Gedenkwettkampfserie über Pokal dr. Petr Brandejský

Tschechische Leichtathletikverband – Abteilung Laufen und Gehen unter der Schirmherrschaft vom Nationaltrainer Jan Pernica verkündet den Wettkampf "MDr. Petr Brandejský - Pokal"

Der Wettkampf is international und für all Geherinnen und Geher der Alterkategorien von M/W35 bis M/W80+.

Im Jahr 2023 gehören folgende Gehwettkämpfe in die Pokalbewertung:

22.4.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX Prague – Brandýs (Asphaltrunde Prague-Satalice)

1.5.2023 Děčín – Hřensko – Děčín (Děčín - Stadionbahn)

2.9.2023 Czech Masters Meisterschaften in Olomouc (Olomouc - Stadionbahn)

30.9.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX Around Mách's lake Třebíč (Asphaltrunde)

28.10.2023 Lusatian International Race Walking Meeting Zittau (Asphaltrunde) - including finale Pokalauswertung und Siegerehrung

Bewertung aller Parteilnemen und deren Ergebnisse gemäss der Punkttabelle von dem Geherpokal (, Author Udo Schäffer). Die besten maximal 4 Ergebnisse pro Teilhneim werden werden in die Bewertung gerechten.

Anmeldung in die Pokalbewertung ist nicht necessary, alle Parteilmen der og Wettkämpfe werden automatisch bewertung.

Ergebnisse und Pokalbewertung werden auf folgenden Internetseiten durchlaufend published:

Finale Pokalbewertung und Siegerehrung werden nach dem Wettkampf am 28.10.2023 in Zittau gewertungen.

Pokalkoordinator und detailiertere Info:

František Párys, E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to have Javascript enabled. Mobile: +420 732 746 808


The running and walking section of ČAS, under the auspices of national coach Jan Pernici, announces a competition About the cup MUDr. Petr Brandejský

The competition is international, open to all male and female pedestrians in categories M35 to M80+, or W35 to W80+

For the 2023 season, the cup includes the following races:

22.4.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX Prague – Brandýs (Prague-Satalice circuit)

1.5.2023 Děčín – Hřensko – Děčín (Děčín track)

2.9.2023 MČR Vetránů on the Olomouc track (track)

30.9.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX Around Mách's lake Třebíč (circuit)

28.10.2023 Lusatian International Race Walking Zittau (circuit) and the ceremonial announcement of the results

Performances achieved in races will be evaluated with points so that age categories and track lengths are comparable. Scoring will be done according to the tables of the Geherpokal (by Udo Schäffer). A maximum of 4 best performances of each participant will be included in the overall results.

There is no need to register for the competition in advance, male and female competitors will be automatically included when they participate in any race of the series.

The ongoing status of the competition will be published on the website

The ceremonial announcement of the competition will take place after the end of the last race of the series on October 28.10.2023, XNUMX in Žitav

Competition coordinator and detailed information: František Párys, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to have Javascript enabled. , tel. mobile: +420 732 746 808




Author of the article: Lucie Nekulová / Author of the photos: Honza Nekula



TOTAL 20 KM and 10 KM WALK / GESAMT GEHEN 20 KM und 10 KM


The 57th year of the traditional walking race was hosted last weekend in Smetanovy Sady, Olomouc. This year, the race was held not only as a WA bronze race, but also as a MČR and the first round of the extraleague competition. Despite the original plan, the penalty zone was not applied during the race.

After the rainy days, the weather cleared up, the sun sometimes shone, the pleasant temperature was spoiled only by the occasional wind.

IMG 0702 LargeThe day started with children's 1km competitions. The athletic spawn fought bravely and hopefully their athletic enthusiasm will last for years to come. Unfortunately, walking is not included in student team competitions, so children will most likely run away to other disciplines without competitive opportunities.

The trio of male and female students set a number of personal records, the first to cross the finish line Šimon Václavík from Frýdek-Místek in OR 16:07 and beat the Slovak veteran in 2 minutes Ondreje Malika. He overcame Miroslav Myska, another fighter from trainer Nejezchleb's hatchery by 5 seconds. She beat the girls Slovak Lasicová just 7 seconds from Frydek Eliška Říhová, the pilsner in a large passenger car was also on their heels Aneta DojčárováOlomouc legend Václav Dostalík (born in 3) also passed the goal of the 1940km race in 26:18. Admirable.

At the 5km distance, he won in the start-finish style Frýdečák Vojtěch Novák (outdoor OR 24:52). In the end, the coach from Ostrava insisted on this Ketner. Third place was taken by a student from Turnov Ondřej Plecháček. In the women's 5km race, only the female competitor from Prague took part Ema Kyselicová and in 18 seconds she missed the 30-minute mark.

The men's 10km race had only one favorite. Originally registered for the 20km race Irishman Brendan Boyce due to an illness, he changed his plans and started the half distance instead. He secured a sovereign victory with a beautiful technical performance in a time of 42:37. He went to see him for further improvement of the OR from Rumburk Albert Kukla. The cooperation with Karel Ketner's training group from Ostrava greatly benefits this, he is improving in terms of performance and technique, he improved his performance from Rumburk by more than a minute to 47:33. He will certainly try to improve further this week in Satalice, and if he misses the nomination for Poděbrady, it will only be a shame for Czech walking. The third was more than 10 minutes back from the limit Petr Havránek.  For the first time, the winner of the 60 km race got under the 10-minute mark and immediately significantly - Tereza Pittnerová from Vrchlabí (58:09). The second came Kačka Nedvídková from Rumbur already in a time of over 61 minutes, third was Nestorka Czech walk Martina Netolicka from Liberec.

IMG 6672 LargeAnd then 20 men (of which 12 to MČR) and 7 women (11 to MČR) took part in the 8 km race. The three-man group Hlaváč - Gdula - Saulkrezis (Latvia) immediately took the lead. Lukáš Gdula was the first to drop out of this trio, over which Jaromír Morávek, who broke away from Adam Zajíček, ran over him. However, Moravek was soon disqualified and thus completed his Olomouc disqualification hat trick. A little over 6km didn't take too much strength from him, so he decided to start the following day at MSR Slovakia, which the Slovaks immediately allowed him to do. After the night crossing in Banská Bystrica, he performed a de facto flawless race and reached not only the Poděbrady limit of his age category, but also the best Czech performance - 1:28:40. The limit for ME22 is within reach, so we can look forward to his and Zajíček's performance in Poděbrady. A lap later, Adam Zajíček also passed the struggling Lukáš. At about 10 km, Vít Hlaváč started to lose to the confident Latvian, but he was able to keep pace for the Czech title. His style looked technically very good, but to everyone's surprise, the draft board began to blush seriously. During the race, both Hlaváč and Gdula faced a real threat of DQ, most competitors received at least one warning. After about 11 km, veteran Martin Nedvídek imitated the Morávka DQ (knees) and after the second Olomouc DQ in a row, he probably won't have much desire to travel to this race in the future. The same applies to Moravka. I have to say that my husband took about 1000 photos of the race. And we can't be surprised at the DQ, but also at the reprimand for the de facto perfectly going Hlaváč.

He became the winner of the race Latvian racer Saulkrezis, who beat the successful defending champion by almost a minute Víta Hlaváča (AC TEPO Kladno, tr. Větrovcová). However, the performance of 1:28:51 is probably not one that Vítek would brag about. He finished in second place within the MČR Adam Zajíček (Atletika Poruba, tr. Ketner) in second best career performance - 1:30:04. He too faced red targets. He then struggled to defend third place Lukáš Gdula (AC Hvězda Pardubice, tr. Čermáková), but he will certainly not be satisfied with the performance of 1:37:03.

Me personally then at the finish line he raved about the performance of veteran walking sponsor Pepa Smola. He sat at the finish line completely exhausted for a long time, because he raced at the MČR as it should be within the MČR. Not for safety, for training, for well-being, but for performance at the limit of one's own possibilities. A joy to watch.

IMG 1036

IMG 6909 LargeShe was the only favorite in the women's race. Eliška Martínková (USK Prague, tr. Čermáková) for the first lap and a half, she tried to keep up with the men's trio Nedvídek-Rízek-Kolář, but she could not keep up their pace and in the training pace she ran out for a commanding victory. However, the time of 1:41:36 is not among those that we would like to remember in connection with the seventh European Championship in Munich. Juniors Klimentová - Franklová fought for another medal from the start. Both girls worked together in an exemplary manner and took turns in dictating the pace, then in the last quarter of the race she started Ema Klimentová (AK Šternberk, tr. Sadil/Čermáková) and with a performance of 1:48:54 she won the silver medal. Then the third came Alžběta Franklová (SK Jeseniova, tr. Korbel/Čermáková) with a performance of 1:50:02. For both juniors, this is the first start at a 20km distance, and they most likely started mainly for points in the extra league competition. They also entered the competition in the jerseys of the extra-league club, and can only thank the fairness of the competitors behind them, because if other competitors had lodged a protest, they would probably have succeeded. Even such a Vít Pavlišta did not receive a medal from the Czech Republic in 2018, because of a poorly chosen jersey.

The performances of the juniors offer a comparison with the year 2020, when the juniors Martínková and Zikmundová also started their first year as part of the covid MČR. At that time, Martínková took the bronze in a time under 1:43, while Zikmundová was awarded the potato medal with a time of 1:45:21. A year later, the then fresh junior Klára Hlaváčová finished fourth with a performance of 1:49:38. Zikmundová was third in Olomouc (9 minutes behind second junior Martínková) with a performance of 1:48:26. The performances of some of the other female competitors were greatly influenced by completing the 35 km race 3 weeks ago in Dudince. Klára Hlaváčová (V Dudince silver) struggled from the first meters and in the end did not finish the race. Štěpánka Pohlová and Nelly Bugárová (in Dudince 3 and 4), who also felt the longer distance in their legs, showed a fighting performance. Johana Petříková and Michaela Bakliková also got under the 2h mark.

The MČR is so successfully behind us. The link to the photo gallery from the race will be placed on the fcb page in the coming daysnce Zcompetitive walking in the Czech Republic.

IMG 0970 LargeAt the end, however, I would like to allow myself one non-sporting comment. Since I returned to the Czech Republic two years ago and started occasionally attending walking races, I regularly hear complaints from younger female competitors. Not for the quality of the track, the length of the distances or the performances of the judges. But to the behavior and comments of many male veteran competitors, officials and judges. Sexist comments really don't belong in this day and age. Who is raising their eyebrows in disgust with a sigh, why am I pulling some American "woke" here, think about whether any of you would care for veteran racers to comment on your daughters' or granddaughters' bottoms at the start, or offer to warm up their nice legs when they are so cold The contestant won't say anything to the gentlemen concerned, not because she would be flattered by such remarks, but because she is put in an embarrassing situation and she is definitely not happy about it. In a few years, the men will remember how they met friends at the given race (and I don't just mean Olomouc), how they performed well, etc., but the women in question will remember the place of the race even in 30 years that there was some deranged pig with an annoying comment . Gentlemen, if you think that such comments never bothered anyone, you are wrong. It's just that today's teenage girls allow themselves to talk about it more and more. After discussing with a number of female athletes of the past, they all confirmed to me that similar comments occurred across disciplines and were offensive, embarrassing for them and they still remember them to this day. For those who don't understand how to talk politely with girls and what to say in front of them, think before you say something, whether a similar comment would be made if the girl's father was standing next to you.

And so, in conclusion, I will use the now winged "Decency above all". Just as some young male and female athletes should learn to say hello when they arrive at the stadium, many older athletes should be careful with their words.

The running and walking section of ČAS, under the auspices of national coach Jan Pernici, announces a walking competition About the cup MUDr. Petr Brandejský 2023.

The competition is international, open to all male and female pedestrians in categories M35 to M80+, or W35 to W80+

For the 2023 season, the cup includes the following races:

22.4.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX Prague – Brandýs (Prague-Satalice circuit)

1.5.2023 Děčín – Hřensko – Děčín (Děčín track)

2.9.2023 MČR Vetránů on the Olomouc track (track)

30.9.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX Around Mách's lake Třebíč (circuit)

28.10.2023 Lusatian International Race Walking Zittau (circuit) and ceremonial announcement of results

Performances achieved in races will be evaluated with points so that age categories and track lengths are comparable. Scoring will be done according to the tables of the Geherpokal (by Udo Schäffer). A maximum of 4 best performances of each participant will be included in the overall results.

There is no need to register for the competition in advance, male and female competitors will be automatically included when they participate in any race of the series.

The ongoing status of the competition will be published on the website:

The ceremonial announcement of the competition will take place after the end of the last race of the series on October 28.10.2023, XNUMX in Žitav

Competition coordinator and detailed information:

František Párys e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to have Javascript enabled. phone: +420 732 746 808



Author of the article: Lucie Nekulová 

The attached file contains a list of selected male and female competitors for the MČR in the 20 km walk for men and women. The MČR takes place on Saturday 15.3.2023 March XNUMX in Olomouc, as approved by the technical delegate: MČR 20 km walk - list of selected competitors

DSC 9388 56. Olomouc. 20 2022 main race at 10.000 mThe first MČR in walking for 35 km is behind us and it did not bring much joy to the Czech fans. The first league rounds, full of personal records of non-representative competitors, were considerably more successful, and Czech walking has another championship race ahead of it. The championship competition is hosted by Olomouc this time, because, as we all know, the European Championship will be held in the traditional Poděbrady.

Last year, 10 women and 13 men met the limits for the MČR. The very act of registering for the race has become the touchstone of Czech walking. The race is also part of the extra league and not everyone fought with honor. After the closing of applications, those who saw the registered competitors in the "championship" were left speechless. None of the Czech elite female walkers signed up for the race. While Tereza Ďurdiaková will not start due to a bone fracture in her right instep, Eliška Martínková had to be added to the championship field at the request of the head coach of ČAS...

So who will fight for the Czech medals on Saturday? 8 women registered for the race. She is a clear candidate for gold Eliška Martínková (USK Prague tr. Čermáková). She has had 2 starts this year and after last year's great performances she has not been very convincing yet. The performance of 1:35.24 was surprisingly enough for the fourth place in Dudince, but it did not arouse enthusiasm in the pedestrian fans. It is a question whether Eliška will fight for as many bonus points as possible in the WA ranking within the MČR, or whether she will go at the training pace for victory and the title.

Other medal posts are, in absence Teresa, we wish you a speedy recovery and return to training, an open matter. She is logged in Klára Hlaváčová (AC TEPO Kladno, tr. Čermáková), silver from this year's thirty-five. In 2021, she showed a OR of 1:49:38 in Olomouc, and it will probably take a lot of effort for her to beat this OR. She was 1:55.37 in the intermediate time in Dudince and, as with other competitors, it will depend on how the Czech women can recover after 3 1/2 hours of hard work in Dudince. Another candidate for the medal is a veteran mother Štěpánka Pohlová - Kučerová (TJ Sokol Hradec Králové, tr. Hlavenka), which will certainly demonstrate a traditionally tactically mature race. However, OR (1:46.18) will also be difficult to overcome.

DSC 9397 56. Olomouc. 20 2022Another candidate for the medal is Bugárová Nelly (AK Škoda Plzeň, tr. Malysa), which in Dudince was on the heels of both medalists and will certainly not give the medal for free. She has not yet started on the 20km course, the OR on the 10km is irrelevant due to her great improvement, which she showed in the hall. The split time for 10 km from Dudinc is one minute better than her official OR for 10 km.  Her team and training colleague will not want to be left behind either Michaela Bakliková, who kept up with her Czech rivals in Dudince until she sprained her ankle in an unmarked hole.

All these competitors will most likely strive to get closer to the 1:50 mark, but rather 1:55.00.

However, 2 junior girls can mix up the order at the start. This year, in Dudince, they both performed a 10km OR. According to OR, they should clearly take silver and bronze, the above-mentioned competitors cannot compete with them in the 10 km distance, but here the 10 km will be done twice. Alžběta Franklová (SK Jeseniova tr. Čermáková) will be at the start together with the additionally registered Emma Klimentová (AK Šternberk tr. Čermákova/Sadil).  Both have met the qualification limit for the European Championships in Poděbrady at 10 km, and considering where the world walking is going, their start on the 20 km track is hard to understand. World walking goes in the direction of focusing on speed, so both girls would rather benefit from another fast top ten and an effort to get under 50 minutes, than "flapping" at double the distance, when they have little chance of getting close to the limit for Podebrady. He will then strive to break the two-hour mark Lenka Borovičková (SK Nové City above Metují).

Out of the eight registered men, 7 fighters will appear at the start of the MČR. Říha was excluded for not meeting the limit, but he can start as part of the enemy race. He is a clear candidate for gold Vít Hlaváč (AC TEPO Kladno, tr. Větrovcová) However, he is struggling with health problems in the form of a sore back thigh muscle. Saturday's race will show how much this injury will limit him. He has an OR of 1:26.27 from last year and his ambition must be to improve this time.

Other medal fights are open. "Juniors" Bunny (Athletics Poruba) with the Moravian (both tr. Ketner) will strive for further improvement of the OR, Moravek (AK Škoda Plzeň) about the qualification limit for Poděbrady. However, both are aiming higher, the goal for them is the ME22 limit (1:28.00). It will not be an easy goal on the demanding Olomouc track. Another candidate for the medal is Lukáš Gdula (Hvězda Pardubice, tr. Čermáková). Lukáš didn't have his day in Dudince and he certainly won't want to give the "juniors" a medal for free.  In case of technical or other problems, the veteran duo will be waiting for a chance Nedvidek - Wheeler. Rosťa (SK Hranice) wants to try for another one in Olomouc after OR in Dudince, Martin (AC Rumburk) will then go to this year's first twenty. In Rumburk, he easily showed a time of just over 46min/10km in a solo race, so he definitely has speed.

PKDK9225Josef Smola (Smola chůze, tr. drinker) the most experienced fighter at the start, will be pulling for the shortest end of the rope, but he is certainly looking forward to enjoying a clean 20km race after the double race in Poděbrady, where he also meets the intermediate time limit.

There will definitely be something to look forward to in Olomouc. Very interesting racing kilometers await us, when medal positions are an open matter. We will see in what form and condition the Czech star will present himself after the race in Dudin. So far, the poor performance and performances far from OR do not inspire enthusiasm.

There will also be other frame races in Olomouc, we will report on them and the championship race next week.

339080192 199114982838683 8919877629451109700 n

At the Summer Olympics in Paris 2024, the only walking individual competition will be the 20km for men and women. After canceling the 50km course, the representatives of world athletics decided to cancel the 35km race as well!!! Instead, a kind of hybrid is listed - a mixed team walking race.

eyJrZXkiOiI2NDMxMWMwOTgzNDFlYTdjOTAyZmM0NGQuanBnIiwiZWRpdHMiOnsiZXh0cmFjdCI6eyJsZWZ0IjowLCJ0b3AiOjEsIndpZHRoIjoyMDAwLCJoZWlnaHQiOjcxM30sInJlc2l6ZSI6eyJ3aWR0aCI6The premier team walking competition at the Paris Olympics will be for mixed pairs. They will compete on a marathon course divided into four equally long sections, on which men and women will alternate. The upcoming format was published today by representatives of World Athletics (WA).

For competitors who are currently preparing for the European Walking Team Championships (May 21, 2023 in Poděbrady) or the World Athletics Championships (August 2023 in Budapest), the decision of representatives of WA World Athletics is literally a blow to the waist. By doing so, WA made it clear that we are absolutely not interested in the competitors, and the history of this traditional Olympic discipline is a shambles.

The racers have no chance to properly prepare for this hybrid pointless race! In addition, it will be necessary to train something completely different than before, namely for 2 x 10.549ms with a break of approx. 40 to 45 minutes!!!! Only one individual walking race will remain at the Olympics - 20km for men and women. Longer tracks (50km, 35km) are definitively removed from the OH program!!!

"We are excited to have another mixed relay event on the Olympic program to showcase the ability of both male and female athletes in one event," said WA chief executive Jon Ridgeon.

“This format is designed to be innovative, dynamic and unpredictable. We believe it will be easy for fans to understand and, importantly, will ensure full gender equality across the Olympic athletics program for the first time,” he added.

The marathon distance of 42,195 km was chosen by the leadership of the association with regard to its "popularity in athletics and connection with the traditions of the Olympic Games". Next year, 25 pairs should take part in the race in Paris, each male and female walker completing two sections a little longer than 10 km. Qualifying criteria are yet to be released by WA.

64311c668341ea7c902fc450The competition will be started by men, who will then pass the baton to their female colleagues, the third section will again be men's and women will finish at the finish line. According to assumptions, the race on the same track, on which individual competitions will also take place in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower, should last approximately three hours.

This race will take place on Wednesday, August 7, 2024 with a start at 7:30 a.m., six days after the selection of the twenty, which is scheduled for August 1, 2024