A young seven-member team and a coach, who does not have a single client in the nomination, will go to the team walking WC!!! World rarity!!!

In the novelty of the program, in which a man and a woman divide 42,2 km in four sections of approximately ten kilometers, it will be nothing less than the Olympic Games. Antalya will be crucial for qualifying for Paris, the first 22 teams will take part, the remaining three places will be filled according to table performance (the period closes at the end of June).

The biggest surprise of the nomination is the nomination of a coach who does not have a single protege in the team! Why Karel Ketner was not nominated as a coach remains to be seen. After all, we are in the Czech Republic - the land of unlimited possibilities and Kocourkov!

Nomination of the Czech team for the World Team Walking Championships 2024:

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