MASTERS European Championship on the road in walking at 30km (men) / 20km (women) / 30km walking Sunday, May 15, 2022 / Entries launched!

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MASTERS European Championship, Braga - Portugal, 5.000m walk on the road, Saturday, February 26, 2022




Impressions and emotions from the Rudolf Harbig Hall of the Berlin-Brandenburg Championships Hallengehen

BC49BA8F 8FCD 4053 9D4D 3E971860C95EExhibition of the Berlin-Brandenburg Senior Championships over 3000 meters, of the same size, with the following links:
Josef Smola, CZE, M55, Smola Chuze Prague; Stefan Lehmann, M70, Jacques van Bremen, M35, SV Berlin Police; Horst Kiepert, M70,, MBB-SG Augsburg; Bernd O. Hölters, M75, Wolf-Dieter Giese, M75, beide Polizei SV Berlin; Hartmut Bretag, M60, LA in Beeskow; Uwe Schröter, M60, LG Vogtland. Dahinter, from left, for parts covered: Jürgen Albrecht, M65, Apoldaer LV 90; Reinhard Krüger, M60, Dr. Sabine Balzer-Kappner, W60, Hagen Bernard, M60, Günter Evertz, M65, Ralf Janotte, M65, Dr. Francesco Morales Serrano, MEX, M55, Brigitte Zeidler, W55, Birgit Komoll, W60, all police SV Berlin; Reinhard Langhammer, M70, Yvonne Bonneß, W40, both ASV Erfurt; Hans Peter Damitz, M75, LC Langenhagen.












Berlin4Strong swamps over the total distance are delivered Josef Smolathat sprawls Master of the AK M55 in 15: 28,78 and Uwe Schröter, with its target time of 15: 31,43 and 95 points Master of the M60 wurde.







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The speed test in Berlin turned out to be excellent! 3.000m walk Josef Smola (M55) in 15: 28,78min and second place in the overall standings for the 20-year-young flying Dutchman Jagues van Bremen in just 7 seconds!


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The Open Berlin-Brandenburg Championships are located on Saturday, January 15, 2022 in the Rudolf-Harbig Hall. All age classes. 



TIMETABLE / ZEITPLAN:Rudolf Harbig Halle


Dates and applications for indoor walking races in Jablonec nad Nisou 2022 / Competition events and registration for indoor events in Jablonec nad Nisou 2022

IMG 4891 MediumHello,

from the LKAS indoor term, I chose races where there should be walking:

26.1.2022 - 4th hall Wednesday, 3 m walk of all categories

29.1.2022 - LKAS championship in walking in the hall of all categories 2 m to 000 m on foot

9.2.2022 - 6th hall Wednesday, 3 m walk of all categories

I would like to remind you that an application is required for all races (including the indoor center this year) in advance! over

Given that I will most likely act as a target camera technician at all of these races, I hereby address all judges' walks with a request for assistance in ensuring the smooth running of the above-mentioned races. Please let me know who you would be willing to come to decide to ensure a regular and smooth race.


František Párys

+420 732 746 808