Pedestrian calendar 2013 - 2024 / GEHER ​​TEAM Kalender 2013 - 2024

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Ján Záhončík, a member of SMOLA CHŮZE zs, was appointed a member of the board of directors of the Sports Support Fund of the Ministry of Sports of the Slovak Republic.

Screenshot 2023 11 30 at 19.48.06The Minister of Education of the Slovak Republic, Tomáš Drucker, dismissed the chairman of the board of directors, Ladislav Križan, while his duties will be performed by the deputy chairman of the board of directors, Gábor Asványi, until his successor is appointed. Two members of the board of directors, Dušan Šaradín and Michal Varmus, were also dismissed from their positions. Ján Pivovarník and Ján Záhončík (member of SMOLA CHŮZE zs Praha). At the proposal of the Ministry of Finance, member of the supervisory board Veronika Gmiterko was also dismissed, so far without replacement.

The meeting of the board of directors with the new composition is scheduled for Thursday, December 14, 2023 at home in the National Tennis Center of the Slovak Republic.

Hearty congratulations to Ján Záhončík!

N.I.K. 9164

New Year's Eve hall walk in Jablonec nad Nisou 27.12.2023 and other indoor races. Limits for MČR in walking in the hall and on the road for the year 2024.

The year has passed and the indoor season is slowly approaching. The first dates of the races were gradually published, so walkers can write down the first races in their training plan. For those who have not met the limits for the MČR, there will be a number of opportunities to meet the limit. In addition to the dates of the competitions, the limits for not only indoor championship competitions were also published.

Traditional New Year's Eve hall under the baton of AC Slovan Liberec and František Páryse will take place again 27.12.2023. Propositions are already available on the athletics website:

dsc01357 LargeChampionship Moravia a Silesia will take place in the Ostrava hall on January 21.1.2024, 3000. All categories will start, from older students to male and female components. Distance to 5000 m and XNUMX m.

ExEbor Libereckéit cuts him

A week later on 27.1. 2024 will be held by the Přebor of the Liberec Region in Jablonec nad Nisou. Usually competitors outside the LKAS can also start, the length of the tracks is from 2000m to 5000m depending on age and gender.

 They are usually traditional races Indoors Wednesdays in Jablonec nad Nisou, whose dates are already known. However, the proposal is still missing, last year walking was included in the 4th, 6th and 7th Indoor Wednesdays.

Championship of the Czech Republic in walking

11.2. will take place, again as part of the multi-sport championship race, the pedestrian championship race in the Olymp Hall in Prague.

Just like last year's race, performance limits must be met this time as well, allowing pedestrians to represent our sport in a dignified way. The limits have not changed since last year, races from 1.4.2023 are counted from races with a length of 3 / 5 / 10 km.

At the moment, 12 Czech men have met the limits at various distances: Ambrož, Gdula, Hanyk, Hlaváč, Hurdálek, Kolář, Malysa, Morávek, Nedvídek, Pazdera, Říha, Zajíček. The veteran Lapka is only a few tenths of a second behind the limit on the 5000 m course.

Among the women there are significantly fewer limiters, at the moment 6 Czech women have fulfilled the limit: Bakliková, Bugárová, Ďurdiaková, Martínková, Petříková, Pohlová Kučerová.

Those who would like to try to meet the 10 km distance limit, there are starting options. 17.12. there is a World Tour race in Dublin, 20.1. there is then the opportunity to compete on the roads in Antalya, Turkey.

Participantsé limits




3000 m/3 km walk



5000 m/5 km walk



10000 m/10 km walk






3000 m/3 km walk



5000 m/5 km walk



10000 m/10 km walk






3000 m/3 km walk



5000 m/5 km walk






2000 m/2 km walk



3000 m/3 km walk




However, the indoor season is far from over after the MČR. Competitors in the Masters category will have 2 more opportunities to test their performance.

Championship NoR windyes

24.2. the traditional veteran championship will be held, experienced competitors will compete in the Jablonec hall in the 3000 m walk.

European Championships Masters

In a beautiful hall in Torun, Poland, from 17.3. - 23.3.: will hold the ME masters category. Walking competitions for 3000 m will take place on 18.3 (men) and 19.3. (women).

During the indoor ME Masters, there are also road races. And the pedestrians will compete at a distance of 5 km on 22.3. This is the difference compared to the WC, where the race is also held on the road, but on a double 10km track, and this was also the case this year at the WC also in Toruń, from which the following photo is also available:

31 10KM WALK 1412 0821


In addition to the indoor championship, the limits for MČR na 20km. This race will take place as usual in Poděbrady on 6.4. 2024.

The limits for the race were listed as follows (again matching the previous year):




10m/ 000km walk



20 m/ 000 km walk



35 m/000 km walk



Among the men, Gdula, Hanyk, Hlaváč, Kolář, Malysa, Morávek, Nedvídek, Pazdera, Říha and Zajíček have met the limit for some distances at the moment. Among the younger athletes, Kukla and Novák are among the limiters, but they will most likely prefer to start in Poděbrady in the MU 10km national team jerseys.  

Among the women there are certain limiters Bakliková, Bugárová, Ďurdiaková, Hlaváčová, Martínková, Petříková and Pohlová Kučerová. Franklová and Klimentová from the younger female athletes.

We wish all athletes good health and many beautiful training kilometers for the winter training and indoor season. 

The achievements of our walking judges at the international level.

In the second half of this year, a new challenge for pedestrian referees appeared on the scene of world athletics. As part of the recruitment of new referees of the international level, World Athletics (WA) has announced trials for aspirants for the posts of referees of the silver level.

For the Czech Republic, Miloslav Lapka and Martin Nedvídek from AC Rumburk were nominated by ČAS for training and the subsequent test. One of the conditions for participation in the exam was a good command of English, as the online exams were primarily conducted in English. More than 150 candidates participated in the preparation for the exams.

American referee, walker and great promoter of walking, Jeff Salvage, for the first time in history, analyzed the entire WC in Budapest, measured on the computer the degree of non-contact of individual competitors in various situations, he also focused on knee work. For the first time in history, referees from the highest competition received a perfect analysis of their work. On the basis of these materials, more than interesting webinars were held for future and current international referees.

Aspirants for referee positions were also trained by Pierce O'Callaghan from Ireland (Vice-Chairman of WA and former elite walker) and then completed online tests.

The final exams took place on October 21.10, i.e. on the day of the Prague Pedestrian Clock. Miloslav Lapka is traditionally one of the first to register for this race, Martin Nedvídek also competes regularly in Prague. Both were absent at the start and although they were sorry for not participating, their excuse was more than understandable.

The testing lasted for several hours, in addition to the written and spoken parts, they also evaluated the Budapest one videos. Within the time limit, they had to focus on the competitors marked with an arrow and evaluate whether they are breaking the pedestrian rules.

It was generally expected that the evaluation of the trials would take some time, given their scope. However, the World Walk and WA representatives did some quick work and last week both of our representatives received an email confirming their affiliation with the WA Race Walk Silver level judges. After a long time, Czech walking has 2 representatives on the international panel of judges.

We congratulate both representatives of Czech athletics and especially walking on their extraordinary success.

One of our representatives even passed the tests at the level required for Gold level races, and we can expect even greater success in the future. Bravo.

Test videos with answers were then made available to those interested. Those interested can play the videos at full speed and then look at the results in the answers section. For educational purposes, videos are also published at half and quarter speed.




Pedestrian Appointment 2024 Gehsportkalender 2024 Page 1 LargePedestrian Appointment 2024 Gehsportkalender 2024 Page 2 Large


Rarity: Míla Lapka had a completely episodic double role in this series - competitor and referee at the same time. Even the world can envy us! 

Slábáková 8218The Lusatian International Race Walking Meeting 28.10.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX in Žitavva was also the last of the entire series of the Memorial MUDr. Petr Brandejský. Since the four best-rated results from the five races were included in the overall results, Mila Lapka could practically no longer be overtaken by anyone and therefore preferred the role of a stylish referee. Lenka Slabáková secured her dominant position in the women's category with her start on the five-kilometer course. Thanks to the Zittau meeting, a number of veteran competitors from abroad appeared in the final standings of the cup. We believe that this trend will continue in the coming years, walking friends from the surrounding countries will always be welcome at all races of the cup.

So we have completed the first, somewhat trial, year of the Memorial MUDr. Petr Brandejský. We are very interested in your opinions, ideas and suggestions for further improvement. Already today, we are registering several proposals for the inclusion of additional races in the series and the resulting changes to the maximum number of counted results.

So don't hesitate to write to e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to have Javascript enabled..

In the photo, the winner of the MBP 2023 women's category:



FINAL RESULTS MBP 2023 v.xls / RESULTS .xls 

Order Competitor Year of studies department (state) Category Prague-Brandýs DHD MČR veterans Trebic Zittau Total points
1 Lapka Miloslav 1957 TJ Sokol České Budějovice M65 111 101 113 108   433
2 Kalat Josef 1955 AK Bílina M65 80 84 80 (80) 85 329
3 Bird Jaroslav 1947 ASK Děčín M75 60 65 64 53   242
4 Nedvidek Martin 1975 AC Rumburk M45 105       115 220
5 Hare Jan 1953 Hvězda Pardubice zs  M70 62 57 44 49   212
6 Jiří Kovanda 1946 TJ Lokomotiva Beroun zs M75 59 63 64     186
7 Pitch Josef 1964 PITCH WALK Prague M55 85       85 170
8 Adam Peter 1950 SK Nové Město nad Metují M70 68 69       137
9 Marek Stanislav 1942 TJ Spartak Třebíč M80 46 45 44     135
10 Papamichail Alexandros 1988 Greece (GRE) M35         116 116
11 Herman Zbynek 1969 Locomotive FOSFA Břeclav M50 61     53   114
12 Rumbenieks Arnis 1988 Latvia (LAT) M35         112 112
13 Tomasz Lipiec 1971 Poland (POL) M50         111 111
14 Shuskevičius Tadas 1985 Lithuania (LIT) M35         107 107
15 Schröter Uve 1963 LG Vogtland (GER) M60         100 100
16 Borsch Steffen 1973 SV Halle (GER) M50         96 96
17 Frank Denis 1969 TV Bühlertal (GER) M50         94 94
18 Šolce Ludek 1961 AC Mladá Boleslav zs M60 89         89
19 = Pazdera Lukáš 1986 ASK Dipoli zs M35 88         88
19 = Šimonek Pavel 1966 Hvězda Pardubice zs  M55 39   49     88
19 = Apel Eckart 1963 ASV Samgehauser (GER) M60         88 88
22 De Bontin Vincent 1988 France (FRA) M35         85 85
23 Kolář Rostislav 1987 SK Hranice, Coll M35 84         84
24 = Langhammer Reinhard 1952 ASV Erfurt (GER) M70         81 81
24 = Giebeler Helmut 1950 SG Fronhausen (GER) M70         81 81
26 = Fliegl Miroslav 1954 PSK Olymp Prague, zs M65 80         80
26 = Lehmann Stefan 1951 Police SV Berlin (GER) M70         80 80
28 = Ritzenhoff Andreas 1967 BTB Oldenburg (GER) M55         77 77
28 = Hölters Bernd Ocker 1946 Police SV Berlin (GER) M75         77 77
30 = Dry Pavel 1977 SK Čtyři Dvory České Budějovice M45 75         75
30 = Final Karel 1970 TJ Spartak Třebíč M50 75         75
32 = Kruger Reinhard 1960 Eintracht Hildesheim (GER) M60         74 74
32 = Evertz Günther 1957 Police SV Berlin (GER) M65         74 74
34 Svoboda Pavel 1980 ASK Děčín M40   73       73
35 Simon Zdenek 1960 University Sports Club Prague M60 70         70
36 = Kiepert Horst 1951 MBB-SG Augsburg (GER) M70   67       67
36 = Janot Ralf 1957 Police SV Berlin (GER) M65         67 67
38 Růženecký Petr 1958 ASK Dipoli zs M65 66         66
39 Boeesß Hartmut 1942 Police SV Berlin (GER) M80         62 62
40 = Jindra Petr 1971 PSK Olymp Prague, zs M50 61         61
40 = Schaeffer Udo 1950 ASV Erfurt (GER) M70         61 61
40 = Van Bremen Jacques 1984 Polizei SV Berlin (NED) M35         61 61
43 Vojtíšek Tomas 1975 AC Moravská Slavia Brno, club M50       60   60
44 Zeibert Milan 1963 TJ Spartak Třebíč M60 59         59
45 Pavel Fischer 1966 Athletics Stodůlky, zs M55 58         58
46 Janousek Václav 1985 Spartak Prague 4  M35 55         55
47 Wild Andreas 1982 ASV Erfurt (GER) M40         53 53
48 Kozelka Antonín 1985 TJ Sokol Hradec Králové M35 48         48
49 Got Adrien 1953 SC Radotín Prague M70 47         47
50 = Peter the Raven 1984 SK Hranice, Coll M35 44         44
50 = Black Jaroslav 1986 TJ LIAZ Jablonec n/N., ss M35 44         44
50 = Sekana Jiří 1954 Athletic Club Olomouc zs M65     44     44
50 = Lindner Helmut 1948 Police SV Berlin (GER) M75         44 44
54 Polasek Jan 1980 Athletics Havířov 1965 M40 39         39
55 Václav Frost 1983 AC Sparta Prague M40 37         37
56 Kraft Lukáš 1979 TRIATHLET Karlovy Vary zs M40 35         35
57 Peter Markusek 1984 TRIATHLET Karlovy Vary zs M35 16         16
Order Racer Year of studies department (state) Category Prague-Brandýs DHD MČR veterans Trebic Zittau Total points
1 Slábáková Lenka 1966 AC Moravská Slavia Brno, club W55 81 75 74   75 305
2 Borovičková Lenka 1973 SK Nové Město nad Metují W50 78 80     87 245
3 Czakova Katerinka Maria 1988 Dukla Banska Bystrica (SVK) W35 79       108 187
4 Netolicka Martina 1982 AC Slovan Liberec, sz  W40 66       64 130
5 Burnett Katie 1988 United States of America (USA) W35         100 100
6 Schenker Bianca 1974 LG Vogtland (GER) W45         99 99
7 Branch Janelle 1988 United States of America (USA) W35         87 87
8= Štěpánka Pohlová Kučerová 1987 TJ Sokol Hradec Králové W35 83         83
8= Schröter Brit 1974 LG Vogtland (GER) W45         83 83
10 Koehler Renate 1949 Delmenhorster TV (GER) W70         78 78
11 Klose Gudrun 1966 Team Laufrausch Oldenburg (GER) W55         75 75
12 Hammerl Ines 1973 TSV Leuna (GER) W50         72 72
13 Ivana Vranková 1974 TJ Sokol Opava W45 71         71
14 Kruse Cora 1957 Magdeburger LV Einheit eV (GER) W65         70 70
15 Komoll Birgit 1960 Police SV Berlin (GER) W60         69 69
16 Karolína Jeníková 1968 Spartak Prague 4 W55 67         67
17 Reinová Miloslava 1968 AC Rumburk, zs W55 66         66
18 Dräger Helga 1939 LG Esslingen (GER) W80         56 56
19 Golle Constanze 1981 LG Vogtland (GER) W40         54 54
20 Zuzana Hanyková 1974 AC Turnov, coll W45 48         48


The seventh place in the poll of the Czech Athletic Association ATHLETE OF THE YEAR 2023 belongs to the pedestrian Terez Ďurdiaková.

Teresa 8908Walker Tereza Ďurdiaková certainly did not have an easy season. She struggled in the first part of the season, but qualified for the top of the year and finished tenth in the national record at the World Championships.

As expected, Ivo Piták's protégé dominated the March national championship on a 35-kilometer course (thus winning all three registered years). However, the performance in Slovakia's Dudiny was far from qualifying for the World Championship. However, after the May European Championship in Poděbrady, where Tereza did not finish, the season took a positive turn.

At the beginning of July, she performed on the track in Nové Paca to qualify for the world championship in Budapest, where she qualified at the last minute.  

In Budapest, however, she showed that together with coach Ivo Piták, she can prepare perfectly towards the top. In the Hungarian capital, despite the very warm weather, she improved her own national record by almost 35 minutes on the 3-kilometer course and finished in tenth place in the world competition. She was in contact with the elite ten throughout the race and in the last kilometers she fought her way to tenth place and did not let go. At the finish line, she could celebrate the national record in this young discipline. She improved her performance from October 2021 in Banská Bystrica by 2 minutes and 44 seconds to 2:49:06.

At the age of 32, Tereza Ďurdiaková is among the top ten of the Athlete of the Year poll for the first time. However, it should be noted that the queen of sports has been dedicated to the sport for a few years and has only been walking for four years. "Everything fell into place and the top 10 at the WC is a great satisfaction", she said.


  • 1. Jakub Vadlejch 1405 points
  • 2. Tomáš Staněk 1033
  • 3. Relay 4x400 m mix 1021
  • 4. Radek Juška 1009
  • 5. Amálie Švábíková 954
  • 6. Lada Vondrová 512
  • 7. Tereza Ďurdiaková 428
  • 8. Nikoleta Jíchová 341
  • 9. Matej Krsek 209
  • 10. Tereza Petržilková 202

Tereza Ďurdiaková thus becomes, after Anežka Drahotová (in 2018 in 2nd place, in 2019 in 8th place) and Eliška Martínková (in 2022 in 9th place), already the third pedestrian who in the past six years ago she made it into the TOP 10 in the Athlete of the Year poll! Congratulations!